Visa information for Pakistani nationals

I am from Pakistan and intend to visit Laos on visit/tourism visa. As a Pakistani national can I get the visa on arrival or I have to get the visa before arrival?

Other problem is that if I need the visa before arrival then where I need to apply for the visa as there is no Lao embassy in Pakistan?

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Aug 26, 2014
Pakistani national need to get Lao visa before arrival
by: D.

Warm greeting,

Because Pakistan is among 29 countries that Laos doesn't grant visa on arrival to, you need to get visa before entering Laos.

FYI: here is the mentioned list

You can apply for the visa at Lao embassy/consulate nearest to your country. Or if you travel through Thailand or any Laos' neighboring countries you can apply for the visa there. Many tourists who are not eligible for Lao visa on arrival did that and have been successful. Some reported that it is an easy process others had a less convenience experience, but most got want they asked for (the visa).

Here is what they have shared on the forum

Hope this helps.

Oct 24, 2015
Visa for pakistani nationals
by: Anonymous

HI I'm also planning a trip to Vietnam and Laos but same issue- want to confirm that I can apply for visa at the Laos embassy in Hanoi. The Pakistani fellow who originally asked did you manage to get the visa?

Feb 27, 2017
Searching for Laos Ambassy in Bangkok
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pakistani and I have Malaysia, Thai, and Cambodia visa. I need Laos visa. Now I'm in Bangkok. I'm staying at Sukhumvit street I'm trying very much to find Laos Embassy but can not even through Google. Can some one guide me if it is better not to wait more and get it from Pnom penh?
I just need 4 days trip so it is possible transit visa?
Thanks if any body reply quicker

Feb 28, 2017
Address of Lao embassy in Bangkok
by: Duangpy

Here is the address. Do a Google map search on keyword Pracha Uthit, Wang Thonglang for direction.

Address: 502/502/1-3, Soi Sahakarnpramoon, Pracha-Uthit Rd., Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand.

It's possible to get transit visa because transit visa allows you to stay for 7 days if I remember correctly. Not sure if it better though, but I'm sure it costs the same as 30-day tourist visa and takes the same amount of time to get it.

If time allows, I would suggest you get it in Bangkok so if it's not successful you can have another attempt in Cambodia.

Apr 16, 2017
Laos visa
by: jawad ud din

Hello dears.
I am from pakistan and I want to go Laos. But I don't know how to get Laos visa. Because here is no Laos visa. Please help me. Me need visa info about Laos visa. Please contact me. In Laos I have facebook friends he wants I come there for work. But I go to loas. Tell me. My email is

Apr 19, 2017
Get the visa in Laos' neighbor countries
by: Duangpy

Hi Jawad ud din,
Your question has actually been answered in earlier posts, but I can state it again.

True there is no Lao embassy or consulate in Pakistan, and Pakistan passport holders are not allowed to get visa on arrival. Therefore the only way is to get it in Laos' neighbor countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or China). The most common place travelers get their visa is Thailand.

You should plan your trip to Laos to stop in Thailand and give it at least two days for the visa.

Address of Lao embassy in Bangkok is in the earlier post.

Get there and submit application form, if the visa is granted, they will ask you to pick up your passport the next day, otherwise they will give it back on spot.

There is express service too (same day visa), it cost more of course.

Apr 23, 2017
Visit for love
by: Umar khan

How can I get Laos visa from pakistan. Plz creat your ambasi in pakistan as soon as well.

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