Homestay in Laos

Are you looking for homestay in Laos? If you answer “yes” then this page is for you.

If you wish to experience the real Laos, learn about Lao culture and lifestyle, enjoying a homestay is one of the great ways to fulfil these wishes.

Staying in Lao family homes will give you the experience that you won’t normally get when you stay in hotels. You will learn the culture, observe the ways of life of the locals through living in their homes, sharing food with them and taking part in their family activities.

HomeCooking-HomestayHome cooking in Homestay

Although there are many homestays on offer around Laos, they’re not widely known as they are not advertised as well as they should be.

This page will provide a list of available homestays in Laos, how to arrange them and some (if not all) necessary information to help ease your homestay arrangement.

Some places with homestays in Laos

Northern Laos

  • Akha Village – Phongsali
  • Ban Chaleurnsouk- Luang Namtha
  • Ban Nam Dee - Luang Namtha
  • Ban Vieng Neua - Luang Namtha
  • Nam Ha Hill Tribe- Luang Namtha
  • Ban Saileck - Muang Sing
  • Ban Nam Deat Mai - Muang Sing
  • Nam Ha Hill Tribe

Central Laos

  • Ban Hatkhai – Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area
  • Ban Na – Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area

 Southern Laos

  • Don Daeng – Champasak
  • Don Kho – Champasak
  • Sabaidee Donkhong – Champasak (Khong Island, in 4000 Islands)
HomeStay Mosquito netSleeping gears in local howestay

How to arrange your homestay in Laos

One of the easiest ways to arrange a homestay is through a local travel agent.

Although it is more expensive, it is convenient and hassle free and will enable you to enjoy your stay without problems. The travel agent will take care of all the arrangements, provide an English-speaking guide, take you to the destination of your homestay and pick you up at the end.

Most homestays are offered as part of trekking tour packages.

However you can make your own arrangements, although this might be a little challenging, because the locals who you might need to deal with usually speak very little or no English. But with accurate information and determination, and if you can laugh or stay cool when misunderstandings happen, not only will you successfully arrange your homestay you will also have fun and memorable experience.

Here is contact information (for booking) for each homestay listed on this page.

Contact Information for Booking
Through travel agents Direct (do it yourselves)
Akha Village, Phongsali Province (North)

Tiger Trail – Outdoor Adventures Laos

Tel:+856-(0)20-7125 2655
      +856 (0)20-7125-5035

Phongsali Provincial Tourism Department

Tel: +856 (0)81 212483
Ban Chaleurnsouk, Luang Namtha Prov.(North) Tel:+856-(0)86-211 534
Fax:+856-(0)86-312 047

Luang Namtha Provincial Tourism Department (Mr Somsavath)

Tel: +856-(0)20-2239 0197
Ban Nam Dee, Luang Namtha Prov.(North) Phouiu Travel
Tel:+856-(0)86-260 015
Fax:+856-(0)86-260 015
Ban Vieng Neua, Luang Namtha Prov.(North)
Ban Saileck, Luang Namtha Prov.(North)

Ban Nam Deat, Luang Namtha Prov.(North)

Nam Ha Hill Tribe, Luang Namtha Prov.(North) Nam Ha Hill Tribe Eco-Trek
+856-(0)86-26 00 15   
+ 856-(0)20-9944 0084

Ban Na, Bolikhamxay Prov.(Central)

Major tour operators, and

Green Discovery Laos           
Tel: +856-(0)21-26 46 80
Villager (Leader)
Mr Bounthanom or some one else (contacts are rotated)
Tel:+856-(0)20 2220 8286
      +856-(0)20 2220 8262
Ban Hatkhai, Bolikhamxay Prov.(Central)   Villager (Leader)
Mr Bounthiang or
M. Khamoune or some one else (contacts are rotated)
Tel: +856-(0)20 2224 0303
Don Daeng, Champasak Prov.(South)

Major tour operators, and

Champa Mai Travel
+856-(0)31 212 930-2
District Tourism Office  or Provincial Tourism Office  in Pakse
Tel: +856-(0)31 212 021
Don Kho, Champasak Prov.(South) Major tour operators
Sabaidee Donkhong, Restaurant & Homestay, Khong Island, Champasak Prov. (South)   Kangkhong village,
Khong Island,
Champasak Laos
Contact Mr Khamla
Tel: +856-(0)20 59692777

Price: 60.000k/night per person including breakfast and dinner
Mystic Mountain Homestay,
Paksong - Bolaven Plateau, Champasak Prov. (South)
  Ban Noung Yathuerng village, Paksong,
Champasak Laos
Contact Mr khamsone
Tel: +856-(0)20 99661333

Price: .../night
Somphone Homestay, Salavan Prov. (South)   Kok Phoung Tai Village,
Salavan Prov. Laos
Contact Mr Somephone
Tel: +856-(0)20 76 646 371

Facebook: Price: .../night

What is homestay in Laos like?

Most homestays in Laos are usually established by ecotourism projects or community-based development projects to help locals to generate income as a way to alleviate poverty. They are run by villagers (in rotation) with the supervision of the Lao Tourism Administration. The fee you pay will directly benefit the host families and their community.

For example, Akha Village homestay in Phongsali province is part of UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) project. The project was established to help the villagers to create an alternative source of income after opium growing was prohibited (villagers were opium growers in the past).
To help the villagers overcome hardship, the UNODC, PADF (Phongsali Alternative Development Fund) and local authority established a tourism project with marketing support from Tiger Trail travel agent. The villagers learned skills through the project and now run and manage their homestay and tourist activities by themselves.

Usually the villagers provide their family homes as a homestay and that means you’ll be sharing the house with them.

In some villages a separate house is built and owned by the community. It is a kind of multi-purpose building used for community meetings, events or ceremonies such as weddings, and also as a dormitory homestay when needed.

As most homestays in Laos are in rural areas, bear in mind that things are very basic. For instance toilets are normally tiny huts outside the house and you use water from a bucket to flush, bathing is often in a nearby river or by scooping water from buckets to pour over yourself, food is usually home cooked Lao food, using  local ingredients collected fresh from forest or back yard garden and sleeping is under a mosquito net in dormitory type house (private rooms are rare). However, sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are usually supplied.

To make the most of your stay you should be prepared for some new experiences and allow yourself to sink into the local rhythm of life. If you can do that you will be able to live the way the locals do thus really enjoy your stay.

Now (2024) there is a place called Mystic Mountain Homestay in Paksong Bolaven Plateau, in southern Laos. The place is more modern with adventure activities (from the look of it, I have yet to personally check it out but I'm too excited to share it with everyone).

MysticHomeStay-1Mystic Mountain Homestay

There are facilities like electricity, hot/warm water, Wi-Fi, campfire and a site for camping. It's popular during cold season, November-January, the temperature there can drop to one digit number. The homestay has a Facebook page, here Booking in advance is required, please contact the owner directly through the page, or call.  Phone number is available in the Facebook page.

Camp site at Mystic Mountain HomestayCamping site at Mystic Mountain Homestay


The price varies from place to place. It also depends on how you do it (with a tour group or by yourself).

If you go by yourself, direct to the village, you can be looking at around US$10+/person/night depending on location. 

Here is an example of a break down estimation (based on minimum costs).

Note: the prices listed below were a few years ago, they've surely gone up to keep up with everything else, thanks to current bad economic and inflations.

Accommodation: 20,000kip (US$2.50)/person/night, it can vary.
Food: 60,000kip (US$7.50)/person/day (US$2.5 per meal, 3 meals a day), it can vary.
Transport to/from nearby town: varies depending on locations. It can range from US$1-US$10.
Activities: Varies (US$2.5-US$10)
Village fund: Varies (starts from US$1)

If you go through the travel agent, the price starts from around US$20/person/night. Again it varies greatly from one travel agent to another, it also depends on the group size (max of 8 people) and the length of your stay (the larger the group and/or the longer you stay, the cheaper it is).

There you go. Hope you find it helpful. And enjoy your homestay in Laos

Note: The prices are provided as a guide only, I’d recommend that you check with the travel agent or contact provincial tourism office of the place you intent to go for current prices.

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