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International bus service between Laos and China

This page explains options for bus services between Laos and China.

The Laos – China bus service is available for Yunnan, the border province of China, and some northern provinces and the capital of Laos.

Buses from Laos to China go to Meng La, Jing Hong and Kunming prefecture, in Yunnan province (the province that shares a border with Phongsaly Province in Laos). There are of course buses from these places in China to several destinations in Laos.

Here are details
Phongsaly Province – Meng La
Luang Namtha Province – Jing Hong vai Meng La
Oudomxay Province – Meng La
Luang Prabang Province – Kunming
Vientiane Capital – Kunming
Vientiane Capital – Jing Hong (via Meng La)

China bus to Laos

Phongsaly Province – Meng La

There are two buses daily from Phongsaly to Meng La, the border town in China.

Departure: 7:15am and 1:00pm
Travel time: around 3-4 hours
Fee: 50,000kip
Bus: regular, no air-con.

From Meng La to Phongsaly, the departure time is some what unclear, but the bus arrives at Phongsaly bus station around noon. That means it departs from Meng La around the same time as it does from Phongsaly, provided that it take the same length of time.

Info iconPhongsaly Tourist office: +856 (0)88 210 098
Bus station: +856 (0)88 210 456

Luang Namtha Province – Jing Hong via Meng La

There is one bus daily between Luang Namtha (southern bus station) and Jing Hong via Meng La.

Departure: 8:00am
Travel time:
- Meng La: 5+ hours
- Jing Hong: 7+ hours
- Meng La: 50,000kip
- Jing Hong: 90,000kip

From Jing Hong the bus departs around the same time as it does from the Laos side. It arrives at Luang Namtha station around 3 or 4pm.

Bus: regular 30-seat, no air-con

Info iconLuang Namtha bus station: +856 (0) 20 2239 4650
Luang Nantha tourist office: +856 (0) 86 312 047


Oudomxay Province – Meng La

There is one bus daily from Oudomxay to Jing Hong via Meng La and vice versa.

Departure: 8:00am
Travel time:
- Meng La: 5+ hours
- Jing Hong: 7+ hours
- Meng La: 70,000kip
- Jing Hong: 130,000kip
Bus: 25-seat regular, no air-con.

Departure time from Meng La is unclear (presumably around the same time as it does from Oudomxay).

Info icon Oudomxay bus station: +856 (0) 81 212 217-8
Oudomxay tourist office: +856 (0) 81 212 483

Bokeo Province

There are buses to China from Bokeo, however at the moment no information is readily available. The only info I’ve got is that the bus leaves from the new bus station operated by a Chinese company. And there is no longer any bus to China from Keochampa bus station where there used to be.

Info icon Keochampa bus station: +856 (0) 84 211 659
Bokeo tourist office: +856 (0) 84 211 162

Luang Prabang - Kunming Bus

Luang Prabang Province – Kunming

There is one direct bus to Kunming daily from Na Luang bus station (in Luang Prabang).

Departure: 7:00am
Travel time: 24 hours
Fee: 470,000kip

From Kunming to Luang Prabang, the bus departs from Kunming Southern bus station.

Departure: 7:00am
Arrive Luang Prabang: 7:00am
Fee: xxx Chinese Yuan (470,000Kip equivalent)
Bus: Sleeper, air-con.

Info icon
Luang Prabang Bus station: +856 (0)71 212 979

Vientiane Capital – Kunming, Vientiane - Jing Hong via Meng La

There is one bus to Kunming and one to Jing Hong via Meng La. The buses depart from the Northern bus station located on Sithong Road around 7 km north of Vientiane city centre.

Vientiane - Kunming
Departure: 2:00pm
Travel time: 31-32 hours
Fee:730,000kip or 540 Chinese Yuan

Vientiane - Jing Hong via Meng La
Departure: 11:00am
- Meng La: 353,000kip or 260 Chinese Yuan
- Jing Hong: 420,000kip or 310 Chinese Yuan

From China

Kunming- Vientiane

Departure: 7:00pm (from Kunming southern bus station)
Fee: 540 Chinese Yuan

Jing Hong (via Meng La) - Vientiane

Departure: 7:00am
- From Meng La: 260 Chinese Yuan
- From Jing Hong: 310 Chinese Yuan

Info icon
Vientiane Northern bus: +856 (0) 21 612 384 or
+856 (0) 20 5685 5558

Bus schedules and fares are checked at the time of this update, they may change without notice 

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