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Laos Flag - Current and History

National Flag of Laos currently in use, what each color on the flag means. Plus some history and picture of historical Laos flag

Continue reading "Laos Flag - Current and History"

Laos border crossing points

Crossing Laos border? Learn where Laos border crossing points are, which ones issue visa on arrival and which ones don't

Continue reading "Laos border crossing points "

Laos Government

Laos Government structure approved,Government bodies, Members of National Assembly and Ministers

Continue reading "Laos Government"

City bus, Vientiane Capital

When/where and how to catch a city bus in Vientiane - know before you go can make a difference on your bus travel experience

Continue reading "City bus, Vientiane Capital"

Laos Festivals and Events - Lao New Year, Boat race festival..

Laos Festivals spread out year round, the majority of these festivals are based in the Buddhist faith and have been celebrated with enthusiasm since ancient days

Continue reading "Laos Festivals and Events - Lao New Year, Boat race festival.."

Laos Culture

Laos Culture is rich which related to Theravada Buddhism with influences extending from lifestyle to art and architecture, as goes with alms giving every morning upon sunrise

Continue reading "Laos Culture"

Laos Wedding - an insight on Lao traditions and customs

A traditional Laos wedding is usually held at the bride's family home which involves a Baci ceremony followed by reception party in late morning or evening

Continue reading "Laos Wedding - an insight on Lao traditions and customs"

Baci Preparation - Making marigold pyramid (Pha Khuan) and all accessories

Baci preparation requires quite a lot of work including putting together a Pha Khuan and this in its self had many details

Continue reading "Baci Preparation - Making marigold pyramid (Pha Khuan) and all accessories"


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