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Laos-Guide-999.com is all about Laos. It is written by a person who was born in, grew up in, lives in and loves this country.

I created this website to be a place to share the first-hand information and experience that I have accumulated over the years, growing up, living and travelling in this small, charming country.

The aim of this website is not just to provide a travel guide for those who come here for travel, business or other type of short visits, but also to act as an information source for those who work or live here for a longer period of time.

This website consists of several sections:

  • The Getting to Laos section provides detailed information about different ways to get there from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia.
  • The Travel in Laos section gives information about how to get around in the country, including how and where to catch buses and hire cars and motorbikes.
  • The Accommodation section gives information about Lao hotels, apartments and houses, ranging from budget friendly to high-end or luxury.
  • The About Laos section provides background information and some need-to-know facts
  • You will learn there is much to do and see in this gentle, special land in the Laos attractions section
  • If you come here to work or live you might want to learn more about the language, the people and Lao culture to prepare yourself for your new cultural experience. For those planning a short visit it is always helpful to get a better understanding of the Lao people's traditions and customs to ensure you can easily observe customs and enjoy your trip without any upsets.
  • You can find many more must-read topics on the navigation menu on the left.

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This country is not just another off-the-beaten-track destination, there is much to do and see in this beautiful country and you will be welcome, for Laos is known for its friendly people with their ready smiles. Few visitors leave here without remembering a happy encounter with those whose land they have travelled through.

A piece of advice: Don't come here looking for big shopping centres, cinema complexes, skyscrapers, crowded streets or fancy nightlife – if you do you will be disappointed. These are the things that it does not have and most visitors love the country for all the things it lacks.

Laos Government House

If you are after a breathtaking getaway, being close to nature, enjoying a relaxing lifestyle, peace and quiet and meeting with friendly people, then Laos is your ideal destination. I'm sure you will fall in love with it when you come.

Take your time to explore this website. I hope that all the information I have shared here can help make your travel preparations stress free and enjoyable. And I hope it is enough to inspire you to come and see this special land of Laos - the hidden gem of Southeast Asia.

Enjoy exploring, and stay tuned for more updates.


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Lao History
Lao history is conventionally traced to the establishment of the kingdom of Lan Xang by King Fa Ngum in 1353
Laos Climate, Climate and Weather in Laos
What the weather is like in Laos? Learn about Laos Climate and Weather before you go so you know what to expect and you make informed decision and can prepare the right clothing for your trip to Laos
Laos Capital - Vientiane, the capital of Laos
Laos capital or the Capital of Laos (Vientiane), is a small, relaxed city and has more of a small town feel than that of a capital. It is stretched out on the north-eastern bank of a bend in the Mekong River
Laos blog - laos-guide-999.com
The Laos Guide Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the laos-guide-999.com website. Subscribe here.
Lao Festivals - Lao New Year, Boat race festival, Rocket festival...
See this Lao festivals page to discover the land of festivals and celebrations. The Lao people love any excuse to have a party or family get together, but while they are all celebrated with enthusiasm, the majority of these festivals are based in the Buddhist faith
Hmong New Year celebration
Discover one of many festivals celebrate in this culture rich country, Laos. Historically, the Hmong New Year celebration was created to give thanks to ancestors and spirits as well as to welcome in a new beginning
Lao New Year celebration
Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao), takes place in mid April every year, is the liveliest holiday of the year and one that everyone looks forward to, as it is a time when many people visit their families all over the country
Boun Khao Phansa - A three month "rains retreat"
Boun Khao Phansa marks the beginning of Buddhist Lent. A traditional three month rains retreat from early July to early October, during which Buddhist monks are expected to stay in their own temple to study the Buddha's teaching
Pha That Luang and its history
Pha That Luang, the golder 45 metres hight Stupa, was originally built sometime between 9th and 14th centuries or during the ancient Khmer civilisation.
Flights to Laos from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China
All available flights to Laos from its neighboring countries with details on flight schedules and prices provided as a source of info to estimate your travel cost and plan your trip ahead effectively
Laos Population
latest information about Laos population including population dispersion, poulation density and the well being of the Lao population
Laos Wedding - an insight on Lao traditions and customs
A traditional Laos wedding is usually held at the bride's family home which involves a Baci ceremony. Close friends and relatives are invited to join the ceremony and the reception party at the end of the ceremony
Baci - Laos national custom of blessing
Baci or sou khuan is specific ceremony in Laos. It involves the tying of white cotton strings around persons' wrists and the prayer saying and well wishing for the person that the baci is intended for
Baci Preparation - Making marigold pyramid (Pha Khuan) and all accessories
Baci or sou khuan is specific ceremony in Laos. It involves the tying of white cotton strings around persons' wrists and the prayer saying and well wishing for the person that the baci is intended for
Lao Language - Its history, alphabet and numbers
Lao is the main language of Laos that has long history. Its written form was developed from Thum script that is used in Buddist writing & teaching. And more on Lao language, its history, alphabet, numbers...
Dos and Donts in Laos - Useful Travel Tips
Some practical travel tips, dos and donts that are helpful to know when you travel to Laos
Laos Traditional Boat Racing Festival
Laos Traditional Boat Racing Festival is truely local festival that takes place every year all around the country during September and October after rice planting season
Vientiane Boat Racing Festival
Vientiane boat racing festival is the biggest and most significant one in Laos, held at the end of Buddhist lent (Awk Phansa) on the Mekong River
Luang Prabang - The top ranking tourist destination 2012
Situated at the confluence of Nam Khan river and the Mekong River enriched by mountains backdrop, Luang Prabang is the Laos' foremost tourist showpiece, rich cultures and traditions
Questions and Answers about Laos Travel Informatio
Can't find an answer to your question about Laos? Whether you have a question about Laos in general, or specific to traveling in Laos e.g facts about Laos, Lao Visa, Tourist sites etc. Ask it here
Luang Prabang Airport
Luang Prabang Airport is a international airport serving domestic and internation flights from one terminal building
Luang Prabang Activities
When looking for Luang Prabang activities, there are many diversions on offer like visiting caves and waterfalls, going on a Mekong boat ride, visiting the Elephant Village and much more
Kuang Si Falls - One of the most popular sites in Luang Prabang Luang Prabang, Laos
Kuang Si Falls are truly spectacular and the biggest waterfall in Luang Prabang. This multi-tier waterfall is about 30km out of town. The road to the falls winds through hills with spectacular natural views
Travel to Laos: Getting to Laos via its neighboring countries by air, land, or water
Available options to travel to Laos in various parts via its neighbor countries, by air, land or water
Royal Palace Museum
Royal Palace Museum (also known as “Haw Kham”) in Luang Prabang, features a blend of Lao traditional and French style. Built for King Sisavang Vong and his family during the French colonial era, it was turned into a national museum in 1975
Laos Travel stories and tips
Your Laos travel storries, tips, recommendations, experience to share with the rest
Laos-guide-999.com Disclaimer
Laos Government
Laos Government structure approved on the first day of the inaugural session of the National Assembly, the 7th Legislature, June 15, 2011
Don Chan Palace Hotel
Don Chan Palace Hotel in Vientaine is lacated on the Mekong River bank, the best spot with best view of the river. One of the top Luxury Hotels in Laos offers a truly unforgettable and luxurious experience.
Laos Accommodation
Laos accommodation comes in the form hotels, guest houses, apartment, service apartment and house rental. There are all sort of accommodations to suit every need and budger
Vientiane Hotels
There are hundreds of Vientiane Hotels ranging from family-run to five-star hotels to suite all preference and budget
Hotel Green Park
Hotel Green Park Boutique offers Luxurious contemporary Lao and traditional Lao hospitality. A combination of the elegance of the interior, and the glorious setting offers the distinguished feeling of style, luxury and relaxation
Laos Guest Houses
Guest house is a good choice for tight budget travelers. Laos guest houses are cheap and the quality ranges from simple room with basic amenties to 3-star hotel quality, some are even better.
Luang Prabang Hotels
As Luang Prabang is a charming little tourist city, most Luang Prabang Hotels are scattered through out town and are in walking distance to restaurants and main attractions in town
Pakse Hotels
Pakse Hotels have a range of accommodation for you to choose from. There are hotels to suit every need
Laos Hotel
There is no shortage of Laos hotel. Whether you prefer to stay in a reasonable comfortable hotel that does not break your budget or to have the best of everything, you will certainly find a hotel that suits your need.
That Luang Festival or Boun That Luang
The That Luang festival is held over three days during the full moon of the twelfth lunar month (November, but sometimes October).The Golden Stupa or Pha That Luang is the national symbol and most important religious monument in Laos, and Vientiane's most important Buddhist festival is Boun That Luang
Vang Vieng
Maison Dalabua Hotel, Luang Prabang
Maison Dalabua Hotel - a 15-room sparkling hotel in the heart of Luang Prabang, is within walking distance of most everything Luang Prabang has to offer
Visa Exemption - Laos visa requirements exempted for some visitors
Laos has visa exemption agreements with a number of countries to exempt visitors from Lao visa requirements. Lao natives living abroad are also exempted from visa fee
China Bus (Laos - China bus service)
Bus service between China and Laos operated by China bus companies and Lao bus companies. Travelers have fairly many choices to travel to/from Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Oudomsay, Luang Namtha or other places in Laos
City bus, Vientiane Capital
When/where and how to catch a city bus in Vientiane - know before you go can make a difference on your bus travel experience


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