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As Laos shares the longest border with Vietnam, there are several entry/exit points between the two countries.  Laos-Vietnam bus service connects many cities/towns in the Laos and Vietnam crossing borders to/from several provinces.Lao provinces listed here have Laos-Vietnam. Click the links to see bus schedules and information related. The list is from north to south. 


There is one bus daily for Oudomxay – Dien Bien Phu City route. The buses used are normal 25-seat vehicles with no air-conditioning (and slow).

The buses are operated by Lao and Vietnamese companies in rotation.

The journey takes around 9 hours, crossing border at Tay Tran- Sobboun border check point.

Bus Schedules for Oudomxay 

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Oudomxay- Dien Bien Phu
Dien Bien Phu - Oudomxay
Price is per person one way


Oudomxay bus station: +856 (0)81 212 217-8 

Oudomxay provincial tourist department: +856 (0)81 212 483

Luang Prabang

There are three buses running between Luang Prabang and Vietnam everyday except. One is to/from Hanoi, one is to/from Vinh and another is to/from Hue.

Buses used for all destinations are spleeping, air-conditioned buses.

All Luang Prabang – Vietnam buses operate out of Naluang Mini bus station and pass through Phonsavan and cross the border at Nam Khan/Namcan border checkpoint in Xiengkhuang province.

Hanoi buses pass through Vinh, Dien Chau and Thanh Hoa (Vietnam) where they drop off/pick up passengers.  

The bus journey take 24-26 hours for Luang Prabang-Hanoi, 18-19 hours for Laung Prabang-Vinh and 28+ hours for Luang Prabang-Hue.

In Hanoi the buses arrive to and/or depart from Nuoc Ngam station around 9km from the old quarter and 1km from Hanoi’s southern bus station along road NR1. 

In Vinh the buses arrive to and/or depart from Vinh bus station (known in Vietnamese as Bên xe Vinh), in the town centre.

Bus Schedules for Luang Prabang

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Luang Prabang - Hanoi

18:00 day1
18:00 day2
One daily
Hanoi - Luang Prabang
18:00 day1
18:00 day2
Luang Prabang - Vinh
18:00 day1
12:00 day2
Vinh - Luang Prabang
18:00 day1
12:00 day2
Luang Prabang - Hue
17:30 day1
21:30 day2
Hue - Luang Prabang
17:30 day1
21:30 day2
Check availability & book ticket online

All Hanoi and Vinh buses pass through Namcan and Dien Chau where they drop off/pick up passengers. 


Luang Prabang (Naluang bus station): 071 212 9797

There is one bus daily running between Huaphanh in Laos and Thanh Hua in Vietnam.

The buses are operated by a Vietnamese company. Buses used are 25-seat, non-air-conditioned.

Bus Schedules for Huaphanh

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Huaphanh - Thanh Hua
Thanh Hua - Huaphanh

Huaphan bus station: +856 64 314 270


There is one bus daily to/from Vinh, except Saturday.

Note: Luang Prabang – Vietnam buses pass through Xiengkhuang everyday except Thursdays.

The buses used for Xiengkhuang-Vinh route are similar to those of Luang Prabang,  45-seat and 30-seat air-conditioned. The 30-seat bus runs on Monday, Thursday, Sunday and 45-seat run the other days.

Lao buses are operated on Tuesdays and Fridays, Vietnamese buses are operated the rest of the week.

All Xiengkhuang – Vinh buses are operated out of Xiengkhuang bus station, Ban Ngoy, Phonsavan town. They cross the border into Vietnam at the Nam Khan/Namcan border checkpoint and arrive at Vinh bus station around 10 hours later.

Bus Schedules for Xiengkhuang

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Xiengkhuang – Vinh
One daily except Saturdays
Vinh - Xiengkhuang

Xiengkhuang bus station: +856 30 517 0148, 

Cell phone: +856 20 5576 0231 (direct to Mr Dokkeo, manager)

Vientiane Capital

There are several buses to/from Vientiane capital that are operated by a number of companies. Some operate every day while others run a few times a week.

Vietnam bus at southern bus terminal, Vientiane

Although many Vietnam destinations are listed on the board at the Southern bus station in Vientiane, there aren’t regular buses to some destinations such as Sai Ngon. They tend to operate only when there is enough demand. 

Buses to/from Vientiane Capital are overnight buses, departing in the evening and arriving at the destinations in the morning. Buses used are sleeping buses, which means they provide beds.

Bus Schedules for Vientiane Capital

Route Dep. Arr. Duration Frequency Price
Vientiane – Hanoi 08:00 08:00 24 hrs Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Check
18:00 18:00 24 hrs Tue, Thu, Sat
Hanoi – Vientiane 08:00 08:00 24 hrs Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Check
18:00 18:00 24 hrs Tue, Thu, Sat
Vientiane – Vinh 09:00, 18:00 20:00, 05:00 11 hrs Daily Check
Vinh – Vientiane 09:00, 18:00 20:00, 05:00 11 hrs Daily Check
Vientiane – Danang 19:00 15:00 20 hrs Daily Check
Danang – Vientiane 15:00 18:00 27 hrs Daily Check
Vientiane – Hue 19:00 16:00 21 hrs Daily Check
Hue – Vientiane 19:00 16:00 21 hrs Daily Check
Vientiane – Dong Hoi 18:30 16:00 21:30 hrs Daily Check
Dong Hoi – Vientiane 15:00 18:00 27 hrs Daily Check
Vientiane – Quang Nam 19:00 17:00 22 hrs Daily Check
Quang Nam – Vientiane 15:00 17:00 26 hrs Daily Check

Khammuane (Tha Khaek)

There are a number of buses daily running between Khammuane (Tha Khaek  town) and Vietnam.

Bus Schedules for Khammuane (Tha Khaek)

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Khammuane - Vinh 07:00   Daily 100,000
Vinh - Khammuane 20:00  
Khammuane - Hue 07:00, 20:00 19:00, 08:00 Twice daily 100,000
Hue - Khammuane 07:00 19:00
Khammuane – Dong Hoi 06:30, 07:00 16:00, 16:30   80,000
Dong Hoi - Khammuane 06:30 16:00  

The buses Khammuane – Vinh are operated by a Vietnamese company while

Khammuane - Hue and Khammuane - Dong Hoi ones are operated by a Lao bus company.

Khammoune Tourist Office: +856 51 212 512 

Khammoune Bus Station: +856 51 250 519

Dong Hoi bus station is located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Huu Canh.


Bus Schedules for Savannakhet

There is a daily bus to/from Hue in Vietnam. There are also a number of buses for different days, to/from different towns in Vietnam (Hanoi, Vinh, Hue, Dong Ha and Danang), details as following.  

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Savannakhet – Dong Ha, Hue 09:00 20:00 Daily 110,000
Hue, Dong Ha - Savannakhet 07:30 18:00
Savannakhet – Danang 07:30 No info Thursdays
Danang – Savannakhet No info
Savannakhet – Vinh, Hanoi 10:00 No info Tuesdays & Saturdays Vinh: 170,000
Hanoi: 200,000
Hanoi, Vinh - Savannakhet No info

Savannakhet bus station: +856 41 213 920, +856 41 212 143 or  +856 20 5554 0016

Tickets can be bought at the bus station.


There are several daily buses to/from Pakse (main city of Champasak Province) from/to various cities/towns in Vietnam (Danang, Dong Ha, Hue, Yalai (or Gia Lai) and Quynhon). The Hanoi route has been discontinued due to low demand.

Outbound buses to Danang, Dong Ha and Hue depart from KM7 Neua bus station while buses to Yalai and Quynhom depart from KM8 station in Pakse.

Buses to/from Danang and Hue cross the border at Lao Bao/Dansavan crossing point. Lao visa on arrival is available at this check point. Vietnam doesn't provide visa at the border at all (Vietnam visa on arrival is only available at airports).

Bus Schedules for Champasak

Route Departure Arrival Frequency Price (Kip)
Pakse - Danang
Danang - Pakse
Pakse - Hue
Hue - Pakse
Pakse - Dong Ha
Dong Ha - Pakse
Pakse - Quynhom - Yalai
Yalai - Quynhon - Pakse
Check availability & book tickets online


Pakse bus station: +856 31 212 428, +856 31 212 981


There is one bus daily to/from Yalai, Ngoc Hoi and Kon Tum. The bus departs from Attapeu around 07:00 and arrives in Yalai around noon or early afternoon.

In Attapeu, bus tickets can be bought at Duc Loc restaurant near the market, prices are 60,000kip, 65,000kip and 75,000kip for Yalai, Ngoc Hoi and Kon Tum respectively.

The inbound bus departs from Vietnam around 07:00 as well.  

Attapeu Tourist Office: +859 36 211 056

For bus info: +856 20 9969 9142


For Lao and Vietnamese nationals, a visa is not required to enter one another’s countries, though a passport is required to travel further than the border town.

Lao Visa: If you’re a national of one of the ASEAN countries, a visa is not required to enter Laos. Otherwise you can obtain a Lao visa on arrival at the immigration checkpoint at the border, see visa on arrival page for more details on the subject.

Vietnam Visa:  Please note that Vietnam visa on arrival is not available at border check points, it’s applicable to air travel only. You need to obtain your Vietnam visa beforehand if you plan to cross into Vietnam by bus.

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Disclaimer:  Bus schedules on this page are derived from various bus companies providing the service, they are accurate at the time of writing, however, they should be considered as a guide only. 

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