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Water filtration for apartments

How is the water in Vientiane? Can you use the tap to brush teeth, cook, etc, or do you need to bring your own filter? Do most apartments have water filtration

Continue reading "Water filtration for apartments"

Is it a small stamp or full sticker the Laos VOA?

To whom it may concern: I am a Mexican traveling in Asia and I only have one page left in my passport, which I still need to enter and exit New Zealand.

Continue reading "Is it a small stamp or full sticker the Laos VOA?"

Extended stay

Hi, I'm taking my mom back to Laos in June and staying for a month. I'm hearing horrible story regarding being over charge for getting a visa to enter

Continue reading "Extended stay"

Our unpleasant bus trip to Laos from Cambodia

My friend and I took a bus from Siem Reap to 4000 islands, and it was absolutely awful. Textbook corruption. VR Express is either working for or with

Continue reading "Our unpleasant bus trip to Laos from Cambodia"

Can a 30-day Visa on Arrival be for business?

On the Application form for arrival visa that one receives at Wattay International Airport, under Purpose of visit there is a choice of Tourist, Visits,

Continue reading "Can a 30-day Visa on Arrival be for business?"

get visa-at Pakse or Luang Prabang on AirLao flight from Siem Reap?

I want to fly from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang on Lao Airlines, but there is only a 40 minute layover in Pakse. Will there be enough time to get the visa

Continue reading "get visa-at Pakse or Luang Prabang on AirLao flight from Siem Reap?"

Share visa extension experience

Hi, I would like to update your information about visa extensions. Last week on Monday I went to the office here in Vientiane. It opens at 8:00 but

Continue reading "Share visa extension experience"

UK Passport holder, Transit Visa cost & other info.

I'm planning on arriving in Bangkok in late November, and wish to go to Hanoi overland, passing through Laos, (and possibly returning to Laos some months

Continue reading "UK Passport holder, Transit Visa cost & other info."


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