Does srilankan passport holder have visa on arrival for Laos?

by Joe

Hello, I'm a Srilankan passport holder and want to travel to Laos for 5 days to visit my bf and on Laos gov website and other related websites, it says I'm eligible for << visa on arrival.>> but when I booked a flight ticket through AirAsia and my flight was today and they asked me to go to the service counter they said I am required travel document? but on Laos travel or any other online website, it did not mention that... so I'm confused whether the Srilankan passport holders do have a visa on arrival or not? and if they have a visa on arrival how can Air Aisa request for travel document which I had no idea about. and I have missed my flight due to it.. so much time and money waste.. Will Air Aisa refund me the money? There is not my fault as it says we Srilankan as Visa on Arrival as I followed the passport index and government and did my research on it.

Please advise me regarding this information....

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Mar 20, 2022
Things changed since the COVID-19 outbreak
by: Duangpy

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many things related to traveling have changed, borders have been closed, not to mention visa on arrival and evisa. Now that the country started to partially open, there are still a lot of restrictions.'s advisable that anyone who is traveling to Laos need to reach out to the Lao consulate for complete guidelines and advice.

Jan 23, 2022
Visa for Srilankan citizen
by: Udul

When was it happened, now Srilankans can get evisa.
Airlines do request for Visa when boarding, & there's some issues if you don't have a visa.

Apr 24, 2020
Sri Lankan passport should be allowed to apply for VOA
by: Ted

On Wiki's Laos visa page,

I do not see Sri Lanka on the list of INELIGIBLE countries to apply for a VOA, so that should mean it is ALLOWED to apply for a VISA ON ARRIVAL provided your Sri Lankan passport is valid for 6 months, got a complete blank page for the Laos visa sticker, 2 recent passport sized photos and the appropriate visa fee in USD cash (varies depending on nationality)

Furthermore, on the official Laos e-visa page
SRI LANKA is on the eVisa list, so frankly, I do not see why you would encounter problems with Air Asia check-in staff. Sorry to hear about missed flight.

Jan 05, 2020
Well....sorry to hear you run into trouble
by: Duangpy

I think I can understand how you feel running into such trouble. There is no way to know which website provides accurate information and which doesn't.

I often got similar questions, and the advice I gave always to check with Lao consulate for up to date information to avoid trouble, don't solely rely on the information on the internet. I know I provide true info on my site, but still, I can't guarantee it's 100% accurate as it may change without me knowing.

Anyway, now Lao eVisa is available, and my brief research showed that Sri Lankan passport holders are eligible for eVisa, here is the government official website for eVisa (

By the way, I looked at the website you captured and shared here, none of them is government's. The government website usually ends with like the one I share here.

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