Laos Passport 
Steps for getting a passport for Lao nationals (in Laos)

Getting a Laos passport is now easier, and no need to get the application form signed by district and province’s authorities. Only village authority’s signature and stamp are required.

Laos passport

Just download the Laos passport application form, fill it out, sign and get it signed and stamped by village authority and then lodge your application at the Consulate Office in Vientiane capital or at Passport Application Center in Khmammouane, Savannakhet or Champasak provinces.

A child's passport application must be lodged by a parent or a person with parental responsibility for the child and the child must also attend because they need to have fingers scanned and photo taken.

Things you need to prepare before applying for Laos passport

All passport applications must be lodged in person. This applies to passport renewals as well new passports. Only in extreme circumstances will consideration be given to non-personal lodgment.

To apply for a New Passport

  1. One recent color photo – to be glued into the application form.
  2. One copy of your ID card – to be glued into the application form.
  3. One copy of your family book – to include in the application set
  4. Parent’s consent form (for applicants age under 18 years old), completed and signed by one of the parents, as well as signed and stamped by village authority (1 set). The form can be downloaded here
  5. Your original ID card and family book (the family book that has the applicant’s photo attached and stamped by district authority) – to bring with you at the time of lodging the applications

To apply for Passport Renewals

Your original previous passport as well as a copy of it (just the page that has photo) (1 copy); plus

All those requirements listed under New Passport (above)

Steps to apply for a Laos Passport

  • Download the application form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, here This form can be used for passport renewals as well as new passport (both Normal passport and E-passport).
  • Fill out the application form (in Lao language). There are instructions and list of requirements enclosed with the form.
  • Trim the copy of your ID card and glue it into the indicated box at the bottom of the form. Also glue the photo into its indicated box at top of the form (color photo taken against plain white background), and sign the form.
  • Get the form singed and stamped by village authority (must also stamp on the photo).
  • You must lodge the applications by yourselves because Consular officers need to collect your biometric data (digital photo of you and your fingerprints). photo will be taken on spot against white background.
Sample Laos passport application formLaos passport application sample
  • You may be asked some questions to verify that the information you have provided is complete and correct.
  • You need to present the original documents required (ID card and family book) to support your application; these maybe copied and will returned to you on the spot.
  • When the application is approved you will be asked to pay relevant passport fee(s).
  • Only cash payment is accepted. Keep the receipt the clerk gives you. This is important because it contains a record of the passport application number that is an important reference and you need to present it when you collect your passport.
  • In normal circumstances, the application lodging process takes around 30 minutes provided that the form and documents are in order. However, allow plenty of time as sometimes there are long lines of applicants.

Passport Fees and Turnaround Times

The following fees apply to both New Passport and Passport Renewal

Fee (kip) Turn around time
400,000 (US$50) 10 working days
450,000 7 working days
500,000 3 working days
550,000 1 working days

Note: The fees and turnaround times listed here were pre-COVID19 pandemic. As of now  (August 2023) the fees have gone up many folds, one of my site visitors reported that he paid 3,000,000kip for his.

Validity of Laos passport

If you were age 18 or older when your passport was issued, your passport is valid for 10 years.

If you were under 18 when your passport was issued, your passport is valid for 5 years.

When collecting your passport, you have to present your ID card and answer a few questions about yourself to verify that you are not someone trying to steal other's identity.

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