Laos Travel Stories

Do you have an interesting Laos travel story? Do Tell! is all about Laos (as you may have guessed). It's an insider's guide to ALL things Laos ...well it's planned to be.

I'd love to hear about YOUR Laos travel story, your interesting experience (good or bad), ....anything about Laos that you'd like to share.

If you've been to Laos, have lived or are currently living in Laos and Love it as much as I do, please share your Laos Travel stories, tips or recommendations!

I'd love to try them, and I'm sure others visitors to this site will thank you, too!

Use the form at the bottom of this page, type or copy and paste your story as you want it to appear. You also have an option to share photos (up to 4 photos).

Each Laos Travel Story will be turned into it's own web page on the website, and YOUR Friends, Family, and others can comment on YOUR story!

Special Laos Stories

  • Did you have a beautiful Lao wedding or honeymoon? Do share! 
  • Pictures, Details, What vendors did YOU Love best?

Essentially Laos!

  • What do you think is essential for foreigners to know before visiting or moving here? (e.g culture)
  • What do YOU miss most once YOU leave Laos? (I miss food and easy going attitude of Laotians!)

Laos travel experience

  • Your bus trip to/from Laos (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • Your Lao visa on arrival experience
  • Interesting things or people you encountered while traveling in Laos

Laos Restaurants, Bars, Coffee, Karaoke ....

  • Where did YOU find the best cup of coffee in Laos?
  • Where is YOUR favorite place to get a drink in Laos, what is YOUR favorite drink? share YOUR best drinking story here!
  • What is YOUR favorite Laos Restaurant, Why?

Laos Activities

  • What is YOUR favorite activity to do in Laos?
  • Where is YOUR favorite place to Backpack in Laos? Share YOUR Backpacking Stories and Photo's
  • Do you have a great Laos biking tip or story?

Laos Shopping

  • Where do YOU get YOUR shopping fix on in Laos?
  • What is YOUR absolute favorite Laos Specialty market?

Share your Laos Travel Story

Can't wait to read your Laos travel story or tips. Thanks in advance for sharing.

Stories From Other Visitors

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Our unpleasant bus trip to Laos from Cambodia 
My friend and I took a bus from Siem Reap to 4000 islands, and it was absolutely awful. Textbook corruption. VR Express is either working for or with …

My bus trip from Danang to Pakse 
Hi, Good day. Our SE trip had come to an end. We crossed the border of Vietnam and Laos, from Danang to Pakse. We made a call in the central bus station …

Bicycling in Laos 
When I first came to Asia, Laos was said to like Thailand but less touristy. I went to Mukdahan in Thailand and saw Laos at the other side of the river. …

Lao-Thai Train 
Last February I entered Laos by the morning train coming from Nong Khai which runs over the friendship bridge. Upon arrival at Tha Na Laeng, formalities …

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