Can Bangladeshi National Avail Tourist Visa from Bangkok?

by Ferdous Bappy
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Am Ferdous. Going Bangkok for holiday having tourist Visa of Thailand. Seeing the opportunity to visit Laos, thinking to tour that as well.

I have few queries. Would appreciate if you could help.

1. Can I avail Laos visa from BKK?
2. How long it takes to get visa of Laos from Bkk? Can I have it on the same day? Or by an hour?
3. what are the visa documents requirement? what are the documents have to submit to obtain Laos visa? fee? pay in USD or THB? Can i pay by Credit card?
5. Laos Embassy in BKK is Opened which day & visiting time? closed on which day? Sat & Sun full day?
6. Am open to air & road. Which 1 should I take as a tourist?

7. Which bus is best to travel to Laos?

I guess I have asked too many questions but answer of these will be very helpful for me & every tourists traveling from BKK to Laos.

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Apr 22, 2018
Yes, you can get Thai visa on arrival
by: Duangpy

Hi Eity,
Yes, Thai visa on arrival is available at the airports and borders though not every nationality is eligible, you might want to check to make sure before going.
If you have not already done so, here it's

Apr 22, 2018
On arrival visa to Bangkok
by: Eity

One of my friends is visiting me in Hanoi. together we want to visit Bangkok from Hanoi as well. I would like to know, is it possible to have on arrival visa to Bangkok. If not, can we apply for Thai visa in Hanoi?

Jan 08, 2014
Vietnam & Cambodia visa? Not sure
by: D.

You can travel between these countries (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) by road. There are bus services to cross from one country to another, but it is a long ride, that's all.

As for the visa I don't know for sure if you can obtain Vietnam and Cambodia visa in BKK. But you definitely need it before arriving especially by land.

I know for sure that you need to get your Lao visa before arriving in Laos, and Vietnam doesn't issue visa at border crossing, Cambodia does issue visa on arrival at Laos/Cambodia border crossing point but not sure if Bangladeshi passport holders are eligible.

Jan 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

I want to go from Bangkok to Laos to Vietnam to Cambodia by road so how possible?
And can i apply Vietnam & Cambodia visa from Bangkok But I am Bangladeshi passport holder.
Please reply me.


Aug 16, 2013
by: D.

Hi Sanju,

Thanks for sharing the info, it's useful.

You are right, in most cases visa applicants would be asked for letter of guarantee when apply for Lao visa at Lao consulates especially for citizen of countries listed as "not eligible for Lao visa on arrival" here.
However, when I called Lao consulate in Bangkok to check info before replying this post the officer I talked to didn't mention the guarantee so... I'm honestly not sure about it at this moment. He said "we encourage people who would like to get Lao visa to come to the consulate and we will consider case by case".

So... it is best to contact the consulate to check whether or not you can get the visa. Info given here is general and only as a guide. Rules and regulations of the consulate might change any time.

Aug 16, 2013
As per my knowledge
by: Sanju

Hi, I read the reply. But I would like to add one more information that as I know that Nepal as well as Bangladesh citizen are not allowed for the on arrival visa and also for them they mush produce one guarantee letter which must be made by any laos citizen. So I would like to request to make it sure. This information which I mentioned is one year old information. The rule is same or changed that I do not know. thanks


Aug 15, 2013
Get Lao visa in Bangkok
by: D.

Hi Ferdous,
Thanks for contacting us.
I'll answer your questions one by one as follows.

1. Yes you can get Lao visa in Bangkok. Actually I should say yes and no. Why? because the consular officer will run a check first when you apply. You'll be checked whether or not you're in black list. If you're not you'll be granted the visa otherwise you'll be refused.

2. Normally the visa process takes one day (you can pick up your visa the next day). There is also an express service that you can get your visa within one hour with extra fee of 200Baht.

3. Required documents are (1) An application form, filled and signed by the applicant; (2) Two passport-type photos; and (3) The applicant's passport with at least 6 months remaining validity. You might be asked to show return air ticket.

4. Visa fee is to pay in Thai Baht, not sure about paying by credit card.

5. Lao embassy in Bangkok open Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00.

If you haven't come across already, here is the link to website of Lao embassy in Bangkok just in case you'd like to find out more.

6. Between air and road travel which one should you take? It really depends on individual preference.

If you prefer to save time and put more emphasis on convenience, then no doubt you would like to travel by air.
Bus from Bangkok to Vientiane takes around 10 hours (over night), if you can stand a 10 hours or so bus ride and would like to save some $ then bus is a good choice (a lot cheaper than by air). You can even take train from Bangkok to Vientiane, the time it takes and cost are about the same as buses, but with train you will arrive a little out side of Vientiane so... you'll need to take a bus to the city.

7. Which bus is best? I'm not so sure about this, but most over night BKK-Vientiane buses are air-conditioned with comfortable seats.

Hope this helps,

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