Children under 15 years old.

by cristina

My son is Portuguese and he is 14 years old. Does he need a visa to enter in Laos?


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Jul 19, 2012
Yes, your son needs to get visa to enter Laos
by: D.Phothisane

Hello Cristina,

Thanks for dropping by.
As for your question, the answer is yes your son needs to get visa before he can enter Laos.

I assume you saw visa exemption for under 15 years old on this page
If it is not clear, I'd like to clarify that it is only for Lao origins who live outside of Laos and hold passport of other countries such as America, Australia etc. Hope I don't make it more confusing. Anyway, please let me know if you'd like further info or clarification.

For others, regardless of age, a visa is a must to enter Laos unless you hold a passport of a member country of ASEAN or one of those countries that have visa exemption agreement with Lao.

As a Portuguese your son can get visa on entry (known as visa on arrival).

Portugal is not in the list of countries that Laos doesn't grant visa on entry to, so...that means he can get a visa at one of Lao international airports or at a border check point (if travel by land).

Hope this clears things up for you.

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