How much it cost for a tourist ticket rebook in laos?

by Reymart Santos


I want to ask how much it will cost if i book a ticket going to Laos because my boss want me to go there and visit her and she wants me to research HOW MANY DAYS DO I STAY THERE IN LAO if I only get a tourist visa? HOW MUCH IT WILL COST too?

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Jun 22, 2014
Ticket & Visa to Laos
by: D.

I did a quick search on Manila - Vientiane ticket and got a rough figure. It will cost you around $800 round trip, flying Thai Airways from Manila to Vientiane.

Maybe you can get cheaper from travel agents or from other airlines, try shopping around. You can fly Manila-Bangkok with any airlines that provides cheaper tickets, and then fly Bangkok-Vientiane with Thai airways, Lao airlines or Bangkok Airways.

If you fly with Bangkok Airways you can get a round trip ticket for less than $200 at the moment.

For the visa, a tourist visa costs $30 and is good for 30 days, meaning you can stay in Laos for 30 days if you hold a tourist visa.

However, as a citizen of Philippines, you don't need to get a visa to visit Laos. What you need is just a valid passport and your air ticket of course (your passport should not be expiring within the next six months).

FYI: Philippines is a member of ASEAN, so its citizens don't have to get a visa to visit Lao and some other ASEAN member countries.

Hope this helps.

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