Lao visa for Indian national and residence of Dubai/United Arab Emirates

by Sherine
(United Arab Emirates)


I’m Indian national and residence of Dubai/United Arab Emirates.
I want to visit Laos in December but I don’t know how to get Laos tourist visa here in the United Arab Emirates.

Please help and let me know how can I get visa here in United Arab Emirates and what is the requirements. Thanks a lot...sherine

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Dec 26, 2017
Citizenship determines your eligibility
by: Duangpy

Hi there,
Regardless of residency, Pakistani passport holders are not eligible for Lao visa on arrival. So your only option is to get the visa at Lao embassy or consulate outside of Laos.

Dec 26, 2017
Laos visa
by: Anonymous

Hey im paksitan citizen with united Arab Emirates Residency, i want to visit laos for holidays, so i want visa before entry or get visa on arrival

Nov 16, 2014
Visa on arrival
by: Duangpy

As an Indian national (whether you hold a passport of India or United Arab Emirates) you can get a Lao visa on arrival (at Lao international airport or international border crossing points).

You can refer to this list of 29 countries ( whose citizens are not eligible to get Lao visa on arrival. No India nor United Arab Emirates is in the list, that means you can apply for the visa on your arrival provided that you're not in the black list or has no criminal record that can prevent you from being granted the visa.

1. Your valid passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity (it is not expiring within 6 months by the time you travel to Laos)
2. One or two Photos for visa application
3. Visa fee - ranges from US$20 to US$42 depending on your nationality, (Indian: US$40)
4. Fill out a visa application form (get it on arrival).

That’s all.
Hope this helps,

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