Laos visas at the Thai/Laos border and enter LaosTWICE in 2 month

(United Kingdom)



My son & his friend are traveling to Thailand at the end of June for 2 months.

They are applying for a 60 visa for Thailand with 3 entries so they can make TWO visits to Laos.

Can they get Laos visas at the Thai/Laos border & is it possible for them to enter Laos TWICE during their 2 month stay?




Hi Sallie,

Thanks for visiting my site and dropping a question.

Here goes the answer.

There is absolutely no problem for your son and his friend to get Lao visas at the Thai/Lao border, provided that they're both UK citizen. It cost US$35 each.

Entering Laos twice during their two months stay will be fine too (I can ensure you). As far as I know there is no restriction on this yet.

However, be careful with the Thai side if they plan to re-enter Thailand more than 3 times. I've heard that Thai immigration is now more strict than in the past on visa issue. Many foreigners living in Thailand cross the border to Laos and re-enter Thailand to get their Thai visa (visa run). They can now do that up to 3 times. After their third visa runs out they have to return home to be eligible to enter Thailand again.

I'm not sure if this affects the holders of multi-entry visa.

I do hope this is helpful to you.

Please feel free to contact me if you need clarification.

Any questions, comments or feedback regarding this and/or other sections of the site is also welcome.


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Sep 20, 2013
by: shiela

How many times can get Thailand visa in Laos? can get 3 times? thank you.

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