Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge open-close hours

by Lee

What time the bridge close at Nongkhai and Vientiane on weekday and weekend. Thanks.

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Dec 20, 2018
Not sure about visa for Thailand
by: Duangpy

Hi there,
Usually, everything closes shortly before the bridge closes or closes at the same time as the bridge. Though I'm not absolutely sure about the visa for Thailand. Sorry for not be more helpful.

Dec 20, 2018
by: Anonymous

If we arrive at Friendship Bridge on the Thai side around 19:00 will be be able to get a visa on arrival for Thailand at that time?

Nov 24, 2018
Friendship Bridge closes at 10:00 pm
by: Duangpy

Hi Yeer,
Sorry, I didn't see your message earlier so it's too late for you to benefit from the info, but I hope others will benefit from this post.

The Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge closes at 10:00 pm, it's ok to do the crossing any time before that, but it's a good idea to make it to the immigration point at least 15-20 minutes before the closing time so you don't have to rush through.

Nov 20, 2018
Open & Close Hour
by: Yeer

21-Nov-2018 Today I would like to ask about the open and close hour, I want to go the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge in the evening because I also want to see the sunset at the Mekong River, so maybe I will be at the bridge around 07:00 pm, is that possible?

Feb 01, 2018
re: officers
by: Duangpy

Yes, at both sides, immigration officers stay till they close the gate.

Jan 31, 2018
by: Anonymous


Will there be immigration officers to stamp the passports out of Thailand and into Laos till 10pm?

Feb 09, 2016
Formal Contact Information
by: Eddie

Dear sir,

I have visited the website and try to get the formal contact information, but could not get one.
Please indicate the postal information of Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge.

Thank you,

Aug 04, 2014
Visa booth close time
by: D.

I remember posting the response a day or so after the above post, but it seems to disappear for some unknown reasons.

I know this is very late response and I'm sorry for that. But I post it anyway for future reference or it may be helpful for others.

Ok, let's get to the point.

The visa booth at the Friendship Bridge #1 is close at 8pm. So...if you plan to cross the border late in the evening to get the visa, be sure to make it to the Laos side at least 10-15 minutes before 8pm. I'd recommend giving yourself plenty of time (30 minutes or more)so you don't have to rush too much.

Jun 28, 2014
visa office
by: Anonymous

If we arrive at Friendship Bridge on the Thai side around 19:00 will be be able to get a visa on arrival for Laos at that time?

Mar 31, 2014
Good question
by: D.

Emm... that's a good question. I'm honestly not sure. I've been crossing the bridge during that hour many times but never noticed if there are minivans around.

Will find out and share here later, though it might not be in time for you but it might be useful for future reference.

Mar 28, 2014
Minivan to Udonthani
by: Grasshopper Adventures

I would like to know After 6:00 Pm

Do they have Minivan from bridge to Udonthani?

Oct 14, 2013
Opening and Closing hours of Nongkai/Vientiane Bridge
by: D.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for visiting our site and leaving the question.

The closing hour of the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge at Nongkhai and Vientiane is 22:00 (10pm) everyday, (no difference between weekdays and weekends).

The opening hour is 06:00 in the morning.

For emergency cases such as transferring patients from Laos to hospitals in Thailand or vice versa, the bridge can be opened any time. There are always stand by official at the bridge (both sides).


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