Motorcycle procedures for Friendship Bridge 1

I'm planning to travel through Friendship Bridge 1 (Nong Kai to Vientiane)by motorcycle.

I am a Singaporean. What are the procedures like as I understand that there are recent changes which does not allow motorbikes to pass through. Why is that so? Are there limitations to one crossing the bridge by bike?

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Jul 12, 2020
taking motorbikes from Thailand to Laos nongkhai to Vientiane
by: Anonymous

I have a 155cc Areox motorbike. I live in Laos, but the Motorbike is Thai registered in my name. I have no problems entering or exciting these two countries. The very first time it took me over 4 hours on the Thai side to get permission to take my motorbike into Laos this was in August 2017. I ended up talking to the number one head honcho of customs, before they let me go in. Now I have no problem sense I am registered in their computer system. I have been going back and forth every month for over two years. It was only the first time that I had problems. The Thai think that you will go into Laos and sell your motorbike, which in Laos are 35% more expensive than in Thailand.

Jan 09, 2016
marrying Lao ladyboy
by: Sam

Hi! I am a British man and I would like to marry my Lao ladyboy girlfriend - we have been together now for almost 4 years and have spent quite a lot of time in Thailand, Malaysia and Lao, and visited many other countries together including sailing on my yacht in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Madagascar. Can I get married to her in Laos or any other SE Asian country? She has Lao passport and is officially male - thus "gay marriage". She has had no surgery and does NOT want any, but easily passes for a woman in any place where TG's are uncommon. We have tried to get a British visa now 4 times and have been refused every time. Any advice gratefully received.

Oct 23, 2014
Moto cycle pass border from Cambodia
by: Virak

I am Cambodian i went work at Vientiane for long term , Can i Take my own Moto cycle or Car from Cambodia to use in Vientiane? how document that i need for process?

Aug 04, 2014
Thai not need a visa to cross to Laos
by: Anonymous

As a Thai citizen, you don't need a visa to enter Laos, you just need your valid passport and the motorbike's document. And you can cross any Thai-Lao border crossing point.

But if you're other country's citizen it would be different.

Jun 27, 2014
please do suggest me
by: TJ

I'm planning to travel in Laos for 4 days on mid of July this year.I went Laos before few months ago by took the public bus from Nong Khai - Vientiane (Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge No. 1) and rent the motorcycle for travel in Laos at that time.

For this time i plan to bring my own motorcycle (110 cc.) with me but I got so many info that made me confusing about Thai-Laos border procedure and policy for my case.

First of all I'm living in Koen Kaen province of Thailand absolutely I'm Thai citizen. I already prepare all documentary that needed for immigration of both motorcycle and myself as i do research for it. I plan to use Bungkan - Pakxan border but just notice from this website that they do not issue visa on arrival for traveler. Am i right??? then I'm looking for Nakaxeng - Kaenthao border (Loei province to Sayabouly Province) but i need someone to confirm me that is it possible to get visa on arrival and also possible to ride the motorcycle with me at this border? or any suggestion for my trip will be appreciate.


Feb 15, 2013
Motorbikes are allowed to cross Friendship Bridge again
by: D.

Hi there,
After receiving your question, I checked with the authority re: entry by bikes via Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge #1. It turned out that motorbike entry to Laos crossing the bridge has been OK a long while ago.

The procedures for crossing the bridge by bike are similar to those crossing by car.


1. Your own passport. Your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months otherwise you can be refused entry.

2. Motorcycle driving license. Even though this is seldom asked for, it’s better to play safe. Do everything right and you have a peace of mind.

3. For the Bike: A valid bike license or registration (that includes all the details eg. Made, model, engine number etc. that match the bike). This is basically to prove that it's real (not stolen).

If the bike not registered in your name, you need to have permission from the owner (in writing), without this you are highly likely refused entry.

To cross the border between Laos and Thailand, usually you need to complete two forms (at both sides) one for Custom and the other for Immigration clearance.

At Thailand side, the custom form is for temporary exporting the bike (custom officer usually fill out the form for you, this is computerized) and immigration form is to get your passport a stamped-out.

Similarly at Laos side. You need to fill out custom form to temporary import the bike and the immigration to get a stamp-in on your passport.

The process is quite straight forward. The process takes around 10-20 minutes given that you provide valid required documents. For weekend when it's very busy, it may take a lot longer.

Hope this is helpful.

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