Nepalese can't get Lao visa on arrival (report)

by Sanju


I read the list of countries which is not allowed for on
arrival visa at the link

I am citizen of Nepal and I already contacted Lao Embassy, New Delhi on 2nd July 2012 but they are saying that Nepalese also not allowed to on arrival visa and they need guarantee letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

So, kindly update this country list so that I will know whether Nepal in also
in the list of Who CAN NOT get Laos Visas on Arrival.

Today again I contact office of Laos Embassy at New Delhi, They are confidently saying that Nepalese citizen are not allowed for On arrival Visa and they must produce the Guarantee Letter too. So please clarify this issue and I hope it will help me as well as to many Nepalese people who might be interested to visit Lao PDR.

Thank you in advance.

Added by D. Phothisane
There has been a lot of different info, and this post seems true because Sanju checked with the embassy in New Delhi. However, it turned out that Nepalese CAN get Lao visa on arrival. Please read all the posts through to the end and you'll get the whole thing.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Nov 29, 2021
Updated information
by: Duangpy

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for the nice words. I happened to be at it when your message came in, just good timing.

Anyway, I'd like to update you that the government plans to open the country in December, that is in a few days, but all the travel restrictions still apply, though I'm not sure if there is any change to the plan. is on Facebook here,
You're very welcome to connect. From there you can contact me through inbox if you'd like.

Nov 28, 2021
Thank you for your information.
by: Sandy

I am surprised that you are giving response so fast. Fascinating, i have not expected fast reply. Thank you for the useful information , i would like to connect with you in social media if its possible.

Nov 27, 2021
Visa on arrival is not available due to COVID-19
by: Duangpy

Hi Sandy,

Lao visa on arrival has been suspended since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, up till now there is no change to that, and I don’t think there will be any changes in the very near future.

Basically, the country is not yet open for travelers, however, there is an exception for experts, technicians and foreign nationals that are needed for essential projects. Foreigners in the exception group will be granted special entry visa.
Even with this special visa, travelers must go through restricted entry procedures. They need to present a Certificate of Entry, a completed Health Declaration form; and a ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificate issued no more than 72 hours prior to travel
A compulsory testing for COVID-19 on arrival in Laos at their own expense.
If their test result is positive, they will be sent to a hospital for treatment. All negative cases have to undergo 14 days quarantine at designated locations (at their own expense).

Honestly, I’d not recommend anyone to travel to Laos for leisure now due to all those restrictions (those I mentioned above are just some, not all requirements).

Hope that helps.

Nov 26, 2021
How can i travel to Laos?
by: sandy

I am from Nepal and i have Nepalese passport. But currently i am staying in India due to my study so i am thinking of going to Laos from India. The question is, will there be any different procedure for visa or i will simply get visa on arrival? Cause i am Nepali and staying in India for my study program and i want to spend vacation on Laos. can i directly go to Laos from India and get visa on arrival?

Feb 24, 2019
Bus and visa on arrival not match, but there's away around it
by: Duangpy

Hi Robin,

Here is the answer to your question.
Visa on arrival is available at the border where the buses from Thailand cross, and Nepalese can get the visa on arrival there at the border.

However, when you arrive by bus and plan to get the visa on arriva, there is a little mismatch there because visa processing takes a little long, well... 10-15 minutes seems very long when there is someone waiting for you, right? and it can't be guaranteed that it will always take 10-15 min so they avoid the possible problem by setting their rules for not waiting for passengers who obtain the visa on arrival.
I think I stated it on the Thailand bus page here

If you want, there is a way around this. When you arrive at Laos side of the border, get off the bus (take all your belongings as you will not return to the bus anymore). Take your time with the visa obtaining process. If you're lucky (your visa is ready quickly), you might check if your bus is still there, if so you can get back on and continue to the city. If you plan to do this it may be a good idea to inform the bus driver about your plan. However, if the bus has left, you can take a local commuting bus to the city for 8,000k around US$1, there is a bus every 15 min, the last bus is at 7 pm.
If the bus is not an option, you can take a Tuk Tuk, or a taxi (more expensive, but available at all times).
This may sound a little tedious but you save time and money compare to arranging the visa at the consulate in Thailand or somewhere else.

Anyway, this is a possibility that you can take into consideration. Hope it helps.

Feb 24, 2019
visit loas going through Thailand by bus
by: robin

I'm Nepalese now I am living in Thailand. I want to visit Laos by bus as others. Can it possible to get a visa on arrival.

Feb 14, 2019
Good info
by: Duangpy

Thanks for sharing, it's valuable.
I didn't realize Nepalese have to pay that much.

Thanks again.

Feb 12, 2019
Nepalese Get Visa on Arrival
by: Kobid

I went to Laos via Wattay International Airport on 2nd February,2019. I filled one form with a photo,paid $40(Credit Cards are not Accepted) and got Visa On Arrival at Airport itself. And i had no problems with immigration as well, they did not ask for any additional documents.
So, pack up your bags and make plans for Laos; don't worry about the visa.
P.S. Visa Fee for Nepalese Citizen is $40 (Don't trust other internet portals)

Oct 10, 2017
No document required
by: Biren (Birendra Khadka)

Sorry to reply late,
When I arrived to Laos, they ask me to fill up small form and did not asked any documents except passport. I filled up the purpose as 'Tourist'
So, I dont think any documents is required unless if you define specific purpose.
However its always better to have documents in case if they asked.

Dec 26, 2016
Please help Can Nspali Person get VOA to Cambodia
by: Anonymous

I want to go to Cambodia for a few days to meet my friend. I am Nepalese. I have been trying to call immigration in Delhi but no reply
Can someone please tell me if they have received VOA to Cambodia.

Please help 🙏✨

Mar 05, 2016
To Biren
by: Anonymous

Dear Biren

I am glad to know that u got on arrival visa. so did u also show ur business purpose and any such documents too? if that's the case, then officer might have considered you on arrival visa as you had some business purpose.

so, are you sure , suppose if I would like to visit Vientiane, Laos From Kathmandu,Nepal via Bangkok then can I get On Arrival Visa ?


Mar 03, 2016
Great to hear
by: Duangpy

Thanks for sharing,
So... you finally decided to get a tourist visa. Did you find out at the entry point about the business visa?

Great that you got it without any trouble (I assumed).

Mar 02, 2016
Nepalese can get on arrival visa in Laos
by: Biren

Recently, on 24 Feb 2016, I went to Vientiane, Laos and got visa on arrival. We need to pay USD 40 visa fee.
So, Nepalese can anytime go to Laos and get on arrival Visa.

Feb 23, 2016
Either visa is ok
by: Duangpy


On arrival visa is a tourist visa, if your trip is for business you may need to apply for business visa. However, if it's just a short visit like a few days meeting or something like that I believe on arrival will do.

Feb 22, 2016
Can I get on arrival visa for Laos?
by: Biren

I am Neplease citizen, working in an IT company in India. I have to visit Laos for business purpose. In this case, do I require separate business visa or Laos will give me on-arrival visa?


Apr 10, 2015
wow so happy to hear
by: Anonymous

Dear all

I am the one who had been suffered and so I applied for visa in advance from New Delhi and also needed guarantee letter to get visa. So, I am happy to hear the Nepalese people are allowed to get On Arrival Visa on the Laos Airpot. so I will plan to fly in up coming days from Kathmandu to Laos via Bangkok.

Please share your details process and fee when u reached at laos airport to get on arrival visa

see u soon.


Apr 09, 2015
Laos visa
by: Lochan

Nepalese citizen can get on arrival visa on Laos.
I got it in 2015 and now I am travelling again on April 2015

Dec 03, 2014
by: D.

Yes, Nepalese can get Lao visa on arrival (both at airports and border crossing points).

Dec 03, 2014
i am nepali and how can i get loas visa
by: Anonymous

Hi, i am contracted by UN to work in loas for 2 months. Please let me know whether i can get the loas visa on arrival at the airport? I am nepali passport holder.


Feb 08, 2014
u may read my all post
by: sanju

dear j

i was so tired to get the correct info from Laos embassy, Delhi and with ministry of foreign affairs , Vientiane, Laos. two different statement came one- Nepalese passport holder can't get voa and other told prior to get tourist visa, they must produce guarantee letter. so this was one extra burden and time consuming.

i had very good friends who told me they gonna make guarantee letter and passionately i submitted all required documents at Laos embassy , delhi hence i got visa and visited Laos.

but if u read comment by Mr Rajeev - he is mentioning that he got voa.

so u may call Laos embassy to reconfirm.

one more thing u write an email and get their reply and print out and carry it. if any Laos officer gives u trouble in voa then u show that print out.

also possible record voice call

it would b so crying situation if they will send u back from airport without giving u voa.

kindly confirm nicely . please share ur matter n experience if u able to fly n visa getting info.



Jan 31, 2014
Visa for Laos
by: J

I'm holding Nepali passport and now I'm in Thailand just for visiting as it's my second time but now would like to visit Laos for 5 days will I get landing visa there or it's an problem for me.
I do not know the policy of Laos Immegration department but yes I'm aware of the high comission of Laos working in Delihi With Laos visa as I know they are never friendly to Nepali passport holders .

I'm very proud to be Nepali and yes we do respect every country and their tradition but will never let anyone to judge on me in particular ways no matter who they are .

So guys if you please kindly inform me about visa to Laos will be very helpful.

Thanks .

Nov 19, 2013
Thanks for sharing
by: D.

Hi Rajeev,

Thanks for sharing, this will sure be very helpful for doubtful fellows.

Thanks again.

Nov 19, 2013
Ok for visa Laos on arrival
by: Rajeev

Hello everyone,

I just came back for my Thailand- Laos trip and i confirm that it's possible to obtain Laos tourist visa for Nepalese citizens.

I entered Laos by land at Huay Xai at north Thailand - Laos border.

Cost of visa : 40$ (need to be paid cash in US dollars)

Need to provide : one id photo + one address in Laos (i put a name of a hotel where i intended to stay the day of my arrival. I had not reserved any room)

If you enter Laos by land it's better to know the opening time of visa office (until 16h at Huay Xai).

It's easy and fast. The officer's are just bit surprised to see Nepalese passport.


Jul 01, 2013
Nepalese CAN get Lao visa on entry
by: D.


Thanks for sharing. The info is valuable.
I'm sure it helps many.

Despite the fact that you had to pay some extra amount for the visa, it's good to know that it's available there, so... travelers have more options.

I know it's not the right thing to do for the officers to charge extra ($10 is a lot, what a rip off), but I guess we can’t do anything about it, just accept and move on.

For the peace of mind, I personally would still prefer visa on arrival to getting it at Lao consulate. Why? Because getting it at the consulate takes more time, hassle and energy. You probably need to allocate a day or two for visa processing (you may get it the same day in some cases with extra charge). The time to line up at the consulate, time and cost to get there. All add up, and it might end up costing ways more than that extra charge at the border.

Jul 01, 2013
Nepalese people get arrival visa in Laos .
by: Shyam

Last month I travel for south east Asia . That time I get easily visa from Lao border. I went to the Cambodia ( simrip to 4000 island) Laos . visa charge is only cost for 40$ but they asking me 1st 50$ in immigration . They boring for all of forigner people that's why it's better to make a visa before to go Laos.

Jun 03, 2013
Thanks for sharing Sudeep
by: D.

Sudeep, thank you very much for taking the time to share.
At least it's confirmed that visa on arrival is allowed for Nepalese even though you didn't get it yourself, you asked and the officer confirmed it.

Now there are two different set of info.
Who is the one giving fault information, the counselor in New Delhi or the immigration officer in Laos (airport)?

Sanju, I know it's hard. If I were you I wouldn't want to take risk flying to Laos without a visa on my passport while still doubtful about the whole thing.

We need another Nepalese who has obtained a visa on arrival themselves to confirmed it. Hope there are some out there who are willing to share.

I'm hoping some Nepalese out there who have obtained a visa on arrival

Jun 02, 2013
I got it
by: Anonymous

Dear Sudeep

Thanks for your kind reply. As I got the answer from you . you already mentioning that you submitted the contract letter then it means you went for some official work. In this case you are right. But I had went on the tourist visa, so Lao Embassy demanded the guarantee letter from the Laos people for issuing tourist visa to Nepalese passport holder.

So, from your issue it's still not clear that while getting the visa from Laos embassy for Nepalese passport holder without guarantee letter is not clear.

One more thing I would like to mention, my two friends who are journalists who went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Laos to ask whether Nepal passport holders are eligible for VOA or not then they told VOA is allowed to Nepalese people but when I told the same thing to Laos embassy, Delhi then they got so much angry to me and told who is that person told such information to u, tell them to call me directly, I am working here and I know legally whom to issue visa and what documents I need. so, I told sorry and proceeded for getting guarantee letter and hence at last after getting it then only I visited Laos.


May 31, 2013
Documents for Visa
by: Sudeep

Dear Sanju,

I am not aware of Guarantee letter. I did not submit this as well. The things I submitted were Air Ticket (to and fro), Bank Statement of last three month, One passport size photograph, contract letter for my 15 days assignment in Laos and one cover letter for such.


May 31, 2013
To sudeep could u please confirm one thing
by: Anonymous

Dear Sudeep,

As u r Nepalese and had traveled to Laos by getting visa from Laos embassy, Delhi. But i would like to ask u - while getting visa from Laos embassy, Delhi did u submit any guarantee letter?

Actually, my concern is in this guarantee letter more because Laos embassy told me that for Nepalese people even to get the normal tourist visa from Laos embassy, Delhi, Nepalese people must submit the guarantee letter and I spent lot of time to make this letter and I called many times to my Laos friend as well as it was time consuming process to make it.

So please clarify it , I will be grateful to u. Because if they did not need guarantee letter then next time I wont make it.

Best regards

May 30, 2013
Confirmation of Earlier Post
by: Anonymous

Dear Sanju and All,

I want to reconfirm that i had taken the regular visa from Embassy of Lao PDR in New Delhi and currently I am in Laos. At the time of clearance of immigration from Airport in Vientiane I had asked the immigration personnel that Nepalese are allowed for VOA to travel in Laos or not? that immigration officer replies "Yes". Further I had confirm this things to one of the responsible office from UN then he also reply as "Yes".

For convenience of all I will further reconfirm things and let u know.


May 30, 2013
Confirmation of Earlier Post
by: Sudeep

Dear Sanju and All,

As i have already mentioned in the earlier post. I had arrived in Laos on Regular Visa from Embassy of Laos, New Delhi and i am still in Laos. At the time of clearing the immigration of Vientiane Airport I have asked to the immigration department that "Nepalese are allowed for VOA to Laos or not?"

Then person from immigration replied "Yes".
Further I also asked this query with one responsible officer from UN than she also reply that "Nepalese are allowed on VOA".

This was the whole scenario.

If possible i will reconfirm again with the concerned officer and will post a new comment.


May 30, 2013
I am asking you one and all in simple words
by: Anonymous

Dear All

Please tell me -

1. will Nepalese passport holder eligible to get Visa on Arrival for Laos or not?

2. If VOA for Nepalese passport holder is not there for Laos then Will they get visa at Laos embassy at New Delhi WITHOUT GUARANTEE LETTER?

Actually I need this information because, I plan to go Laos in future once again. IF VOA is there then I can fly directly to Laos via Bangkok from Kathmandu, Nepal.

This gurantee letter also takes time as well as it takes more time and cost for me to go Delhi for Visa.

I would be grateful for your kind reply on this issue. Hope this wont take your much of time to reply.

Thanks and best regards

May 30, 2013
A little confused, please clarify
by: D.

Dear Sudeep / Govinda,
From the post above by Anonymous (at the end signed Sudeep / Govinda), I assume that's posted by you, right?

Did you mean you already got a visa from Lao embassy in New Deli? And you already arrived in Laos?

Once in Laos the Officer in Immigration department of Laos (in airport) told you that Nepalese are eligible for Visa on arrival. right?
Did I understand it correctly?

If that's the case you didn't obtain the visa at the airport because you already got it in advance from the Lao embassy, right?

So...Sanju's question "pls share here the date of on arrival visa which u got?" might not have the answer then.

Anyway, please can you kindly share when you arrived in Laos? And please can you confirm that you were informed by the immigration at airport that Nepalese are eligible for visa on arrival?

This could helps many Nepalese who plan to travel to Laos.

I myself would also very much appreciate if you can re-confirm it as this will backup my earlier posts, so that it helps save hassle for other Nepalese to travel to Laos.


May 29, 2013
regarding one query to Vovinda
by: Anonymous

Dear Govinda

As you mentioned that Nepalese passport holder can fly directly to Laos and get the on arrival visa at laos airport only?

If this is the case then why Laos embassy, Delhi forced me to get the Guarantee Letter. and they strongly told me that without this letter we can not give u the visa for laos.

Even they warned if i fly to laos without visa then we have to get back from the laos airport only.

so i followed his steps and got gurantee letter and then only i went to laos.

anyway by the way u have already flied to laos and got on arrival visa with nepalese passport ? if so then pls share here the date of on arrival visa which u got. ? if u can get then it means rule is changed and future i too can fly again .


May 29, 2013
Nepalese are eligible for visa on arrival to travel on Laos
by: Anonymous

Dear All,
We take the regular visa from Laos embassy of New Delhi and visit Laos. As per the information shared by Immigration department of Laos working in airport. Nepalese are allowed are eligible for Visa on arrival.

Sudeep / Govinda

May 29, 2013
Regarding info, my experience and one question to ADMIN of Laos Guide.
by: Anonymous

Dear Sudip/ Govinda

I had already flied to Laos from Delhi to Laos via Bangkok. Laos embassy had told me too the same thing that Nepalese passport holders are not allowed to get VOA at Laos. So they must make the one guarantee letter. One of my friend from Laos made a guarantee letter at Laos in their country at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My friend went or local police stations to get signed then submitted to Ministry of Foreign Affiaris, Laos. then Ministry of Foreign Affairs, laos sent the scanned letter to Laos Embassy, Delhi. Then Laos embassy called me that they got letter. They I purchased the flight ticket and along with visa fee, bank statement, photo , I applied and I got the Laos Visa. Hence I flied.

Right now , I am staying at Kathmandu, Nepal. But in future , I would like to fly again to Laos.

Dear Admin

I would like to ask to the Laos Guide Admin.

If laos government has changed the rule for allowing Nepalese people to get VOA at Laos then please inform so that it will help to fly from kathmandu to Laos via Bangkok as thai airways is offering this service at nepal. It will save my time to run to delhi for visa.

thanks in advance.

May 29, 2013
Yes, clarified
by: D.

Sudeep / Govinda,
Sorry it took me quite a long time to get back, your post slips my eyes.

Yes, I still firmly say that Nepalese can get Lao visa on arrival. I checked with my source recently, this info is accurate unless the officer gave fault info. But I checked this a few times with different sources, all said the same.

Did you read all the earlier posts above about Counselor in New Deli giving wrong info?

Adhikari posted that he had been traveling to Laos for the last few years and always got visa on arrival. So...

I know it's hard to know who to believe, I also find it hard and confusing so that I have to check with the source again and again.
Well I never experience it myself after all. I don't hold other passport apart from Lao one and can't apply for the visa myself to test it out, I rely on the source in the government and those who share their experience like Adhikari. Thanks to Adhikari by the way.

May 21, 2013
Visa on Arrival for Nepalese Citizen Travelling to Laos
by: Sudeep / Govinda

Dear Admin,

We are planning to travel to Laos from India. Laos Embassy of India said that we are not allowed for Visa on Arrival. However, as per your list Nepal is allowed for Visa on Arrival.

Please clarify that "whether Nepalese passport holders are allowed to enter in Laos with visa on arrival or do they have to get visa before traveling from respective embassies?" on ASAP.


Nov 19, 2012
Thanks for sharing
by: D.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to post.
Did you get Lao visa on entry at the Cambodia/Laos border or you got it in advance at the embassy?

Your post about the challenge you faced when obtaining Thai visa in Laos is valuable.

After reading your post I did a little research on the subject and found that some nationalities can get Thai tourist visa only at designated Thai Embassy, it is stated here
I think that is the reason they refuse to give your wife the visa in Laos and I think they are so kind that they eventually gave her a transit visa.


Nov 19, 2012
More bad news for Nepalese passport holders
by: Mark

We crossed by road into Laos from Cambodia...We paid the mandatory US$5 each for stamping fees at the border...we made our way up to Savanakhet and the Thai Embassy would not grant my wife a Thai tourist visa ( She has entered Thailand 3 times prior with tourist visa's obtained in Colombo and Kathmandu)...they were very emphatic that Nepali's, Indians and anyone from the Philippines's also could not get a tourist visa in Laos (As directed from Thai Immigration in Bangkok)...they felt a little sorry for us and granted my wife a transit visa only after a few days though; in other words 15 days maximum when we cross over from Vientiane at a cost of Bt800 with proof of flight ticket out of Bangkok!! Plus we expect at least another Bt40 each stamping fee at the friendship bridge also...We shall travel on, but i feel for all cashed up legitimate Nepali travellers that have to face all this discrimination in Laos and other countries...Laos otherwise has been great this time around! Good folks!

Sep 25, 2012
Hard to believe the official give out fault info
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Adhikari,

Thank you so much for sharing the info.
I've to confess that I am confused by the info in received. I can't believe that the official I contacted here in Vientiane gave me fault info as well. This is causing a lot if confusion.

By the way, can you tell me when the last time you traveled to Laos? I'm just trying to figure out if the rules have been changed since your last trip.

It would be very helpful if you can tell. Would it be possible to ask you to somehow capture and share the Lao visa stamp on your passport (of your latest trip)please?

Many thanks,

Sep 20, 2012
Nepalis DO get Laos visa on arrival
by: Adhikari

I am based in Bangkok and travel to Laos for work regularly. I carry Nepalese passport. In the last three years, I have ALWAYS got an on-arrival visa. Costs 40 USD. The Couselor you mention in Delhi is causing dis-service by spreading false news. Please remove Nepal from the list of countries to which Laos does not award on-arrival visa.

Jul 23, 2012
Good to know
by: D.phothisane

Thanks for the update. I take this as a confirmation that the info I shared here is accurate at least to some extent.
I look forward to hearing further response if you would share.


Jul 23, 2012
Lao Embassy Phnom Penh
by: Mark

They have responded in saying that we need to obtain her visa at the Embassy in Phnom Penh before heading north to the border crossing...US$45 for Nepali passport holder. No mention of VOA in their email...I have asked them again and await a response

Jul 22, 2012
Sure, KL makes sense
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Mark,

Yes sure, anywhere that is convenient to you will make sense. In my last post I should have said that you should check with the Lao consulate in Cambodia or anywhere that you travel through that's convenient to you.


Jul 22, 2012
KL would make sense...
by: Mark

A permission letter from the Nepali Embassy in KL along with the application and fees lodged at the Laos Embassy in KL, Malaysia should procure a visit visa for 30 days should it not...?

Jul 22, 2012
You'd better check with Lao embassy before leaving Cambodia
by: D.Phothisane

Hello Mark,

It was a bit of a shock to me too when I heard it because I had been saying on my site that Nepali can get Lao visa on entry. I have to say that I didn't believe it when I got Sanju's email, so... I called the authority concern to check and got the answer as I mentioned in my earlier post.

I think it's worthwhile to check with the embassy in Cambodia before heading out to Laos so that you and your wife won't have any problem at the border.

By the way, when you finally cross the border to Laos, can you please tell us whether or not you have to obtain a Lao visa for your wife at the consulate or if she was able to get it at the border check point? I'd just like to triple check, and if you can confirm it would be very helpful for others who are in similar situation.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

Jul 22, 2012
For real?
by: Mark

My Nepali wife and I will be leaving Malaysia next month for Cambodia and Laos; by flight to Phnom Penh and by road up and into Laos and according to all my research it indicates Nepali citizens may obtain VOA at the border crossing...your information is a bit of a shock for us...May we obtain her tourist visa prior in The Cambodian capital before trying to cross north to Laos?

Jul 17, 2012
Cheked and confirmed
by: D.Phothisane

Hello Sanju,

Very many thanks for sharing the info with me and the rest.

I've to confess that I've been made to believe that Nepal passport holders are eligible to get Lao visa on arrival. Thanks to you for this valuable info.

I checked back a few times the notice No. 1232 issued on 1 October 2009 that I mentioned on the visa-on-arrival page, Nepal definitely was not in the list of nationals that Laos doesn't issue visa on arrival to. I therefore double checked with the authority at the consulate in Vientiane and have been confirmed that, you're right, Nepal is one of the countries that Laos doesn't grant visa on arrival to at present. When I asked why it was not on the list in that notice (mentioned above), no clear answer was given.

Anyway, my apology for this.


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