Re-entering Thailand from Laos

Hello there,

I am writing to obtain information considering the visa situation entering Laos for Greek citizens.

I’m currently trying to organize a trip to Thailand and Laos. We are arriving on the 13th of July in Bangkok. We want to enter Laos via Huay Xai around the 26th of July and re-enter Thailand from Nong Khai around 31st of July. Finally, we’re flying out from Bangkok on the 7th of August.

As far as I understand there is no problem obtaining a visa to Laos on the spot. But I heard that you can only get Thai visas valid for 15 days when re-entering Thailand by car/train. Is this true?

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Jun 06, 2013
15 days - Thai visa at border posts
by: D.

Hi Costas,
Thanks for dropping by and leaving the question.

Yes, what you heard is true as far as I know. Thai visa is valid for 15 days when you enter by land from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia. But according to your plan, that will be plenty, won't it?

In your plan you will re-enter Thailand from Laos on 31 July and fly out of Thailand on 7 August, that's just about a week, right?

Anyway, if you happen to change your plan and decide to spend more than 15 days in Thailand after Laos, then you can always obtain the visa at the Thai consulate in Vientiane while you’re there.

Prepare to spend at least one morning standing in line to file your application.

Altogether it takes one and a half working days under normal circumstances and cost around 1,000 Baht (a bit over 30 US dollars).

They only accept applications in the morning, and give you back your passport with the visa in the afternoon the next day.

Express visa is also available if I remember correctly. It’s more expensive of course, don’t remember the exact figure though.

Hope that’s helpful.

Enjoy your travel planning.

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