U.S. Citizen over 65

Does the Lao Visa Exemption, i.e. visa not required, apply for U.S. citizens over the age of 65? Upon reading the visa on arrival page it sounds like it does apply to all over the age of 65, but want to make sure we read it correctly.

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Jul 04, 2016
You can get multi-entry visa with the right documents
by: Duangpy


I wish to give a simple yes or no as an answer to your question, but..., it requires more explanation.

If you want a multi-entry visa, you need to apply for a business visa which requires more paper work and sponsor, see this page https://www.laos-guide-999.com/laos-visa.html#buss

If you want to travel to Laos as a tourist holding tourist visa with multi-entry, there is no multi-entry for tourist visa (only single entry).

Jul 03, 2016
multi entry visa
by: happynthailand

Live in Mukdahan,Thailand
wife runs a business in Thailand,she goes back and forth,shopping and going to the casino
can I get a multi-entry visa?
if so what form and cost

Thanks, Happy

Oct 26, 2012
Age 65 or over (only for Lao origin)
by: D.


Thanks for raising the question. It made me double check the info.
Yes, you are right, the info on the visa on arrival page was meant as you understood. That's because I understood that way too despite checking it a few times.

Now that I've double checked with the authority in the field and found out that I misunderstood all those times.

The visa free (or visa not required) for the "over the age of 65" only applies to Lao origins who are citizens of other countries such as the USA or in another word Lao people who live oversea that carry passports of respective countries e.g. USA.

Sorry for the misleading info, and thanks for raising this up. I'll certainly fix it.

Many thanks

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