Can I get Lao visa on arrival at Thai-Lao border?

by Cagdas Alagoz

Hi I am from Turkey and living in Portugal (Residency)and planing to visit Laos. I will fly to Bangkok, Thailand and will pass to Chiang Mai and after that I will pass to Laos from Border. Can I get visa on Border?

Cagdas Alagoz



Hi Cagdas Alagoz,

If you hold a passport of Portugal you should be able to get Lao visa on arrival at any international port of entry of Laos including overland border crossing.
From Chiang Mai, you can cross border to northern Laos at Chiang Khong - Houy Xai border checkpoint(Chiang Rai Province to Bokeo province). More info on Lao borders and checkpoints.
However, if you hold a Turkey passport (I assume you don't) you will have to get Lao visa at Lao embassy or consulate, in Thailand or other countries, prior to arriving at Lao port of entry. Turkey passport holders are not eligible to get Lao visa on arrival. Click here to view a list of not-eligible nationals

Hope this helps.

P.S. I hope you revisit my site and find this. I couldn't send this reply to you directly because I lost your email. I just realised that I deleted your other copy of message that has your email address in it. Sorry.


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