Crossing border from Vientiane,Laos to Phonm Penh

by Suthin

Hi,I am planning crossing border from Vientiane to Phonm Penh, I would like to ask where can I buy the sleeping bus's ticket at Vientiane? Is it got a company named Sengchaleun have this service? Besides, Phomn Penh Sorya Transportation just got bus service depart from Parkse to Phomn Penh? Thanks.

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May 30, 2014
Bus schedule, Bolaven Plateau to Pakse
by: D.

Nice to know the info I provided is useful.
Ok, direct to your question.

1. Songtews (converted trucks) leave from Paksong (from market) every hour. Attapeu-Pakse buses pass every hour too.

2. Yes, that's right, the bus from Pakse to Phnom Penh departs at KM2 bus station.

3. I don't know for sure if the Phnom Penh Sorya Transport provides pick up service from guesthouses/hotels. I'm not able to check info.

Yes, bus tickets to Phnom Penh are available in KM2 bus station (Pakse).

All the best for your travel planning.

May 29, 2014
by: Suthin

Thanks. It's really useful, but we are now change our plan to stay one night in Bolaven Plateau and one night in Pakse instead of to Phonm Penh directly from Vientiane.A few things that I still confuse about:
1. What is the bus schedule that depart from Bolaven Plateau to Pakse?(I am already got the info for the schedule that from Pakse to Bolaven Plateau)
2. The bus from Pakse to Phonm Penh is depart at KM2 bus station?
3. The Phonm Penh Sorya Transport can provide free pick up service from guesthouse?The bus ticket also available in KM2 bus station?

May 19, 2014
Vientiane - Phnom Penh bus ticket at the bus station
by: D.

Hello Suthin,

Thanks for the question, it urged me to check the info. Sorry for the delay though.

Apparently Vientiane - Phnom Penh (or Vientiane - Siem Reap) bus tickets can only be bought at the bus station (the Vientiane southern bus station, at Dongdok).

Yes, the company that runs the bus service is called Sengchaleun. They have a ticketing booth at the station (booth number 4).

The bus for Vientiane - Pakse leg is a sleeping bus. The Pakse - Phnom Penh leg is normal-seat bus.

Cost: 380,000kip one-way (Vientiane - Phnom Penh).

Here is contact number, just in case: 020 2243 9596 (not sure if he speaks English).

Hope this is somewhat helpful.

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