Crossing Laos-Myanmar

by Bea


I've a question I hope you can help me with. From Laos I would like to cross to Myanmar, do you know if that's possible?

I have been to the embassy in Beijing and they told me that I cannot pass the border alone but I could with a travel agent. The guy in the embassy knew about travel agents in China and Thailand but he had no idea about Laos. Do you know if such travel agents to cross the border exists? Is it safe to cross that border? Thanks so much!!

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Jan 08, 2014
Would be nice
by: D.

It would be very nice and helpful if you could share the info of how you go and how things work there when you cross the border to Myanmar. I'd personally like to know that too, never been to Myanmar myself let alone crossing its border.
Wishing you best of luck and a smooth crossing.

Jan 08, 2014
Maybe I will try to entry to Myawaddy by passing at the Maesod first.!
by: Visouvath

Dear Team of Laos-Guide-999.Com,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Maybe I try first, then I will report to you after.

This month or next month I plan to entry to Myanmar Myawaddy border by passing the Maesod, Tak Province, Thailand.

Best regards,

Jan 07, 2014
Not sure
by: D.

Hi Visouvath,
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, was out of action for a while.

For your question, I'm honestly not sure if you can entry visa free at Maesod/Myawaddy border crossing.

From what I know the border is open to all, but not sure if they issue visa on arrival. If they do, they should also grant visa free entry to ASEAN citizens (my guess).

Anyway, as I haven't experienced it myself and don't know anyone who has done it before, I can't give a solid confirmation whether or not a free entry for ASEAN citizens is allowed.

Sorry for late reply and for not being able to help much.

Dec 26, 2013
Could I have a Visa-Free Entry to Myanmar at Maesod(Thailand) and Myawaddy(Myanmar)?
by: Visouvath

Dear FAQ Service Team,

I am a Laotian with (Blue Cover) Ordinary Passport.

Could I get a Visa-Free Entry at an overland crossing-border between Thailand and Myanmar?

In this case of if I wanted to entry to Myawaddy, Myanmar from Maesod, Tak Province, Thailand.

Please, answer me to this email,

Yours sincerely,

Oct 01, 2013
Crossing Laos-Myanmar
by: Bea

Dear D.
Thanks a lot for answering me. I will try to find out and if anything comes up I will leave a comment. Again if anyone knows about it or has done it before please let me know, I would love to do the crossing from Laos because I have been in Thailand before and want to explore Myanmar.

Snezana011, thanks as well :-) however it is possible now to enter Myanmar by land, at least from China and Thailand, even if it is easier by plane. BTW, I guess you wanted to tell me that there is no pass border for foreigners between Laos and Myanmar because indeed there is a border.
Thanks again!

Oct 01, 2013
Crossing Laos-Myanmar , Can’t confirm
by: D.


I'm not sure about crossing Lao-Myanmar border with a travel agent, honestly I have not heard about this till you said so. Though things might have changed since I last did my research.

However, for individual travelers the Laos-Myanmar border is still closed to foreigners.

Oct 01, 2013
Laos-Myanmar, Only by plane
by: Snezana011

Only way to enter in Myanmar is by plane. Plane ticket from Kunming or from Bangkok is around 80$ - probably cheaper then you will pay for travel agent. Check out Air Asia.
BTW, there is no border between Laos and Myanmar.

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