Jan 2012, Visas on Arrival at the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing (Cambodia to Laos).

by Tara


I would like to confirm that Visas on Arrival are available at the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing (Cambodia to Laos).

Your website says that Visas on Arrival are available at that crossing, but I am not sure how up to date that information is, and I have read various things regarding this information. Could you please confirm that Visas on Arrival are available now, January 2012, when crossing from Cambodia to Laos?

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

Tara DeVries

Answer: Yes, confirm

Hi Tara,

Thanks for visiting my site and dropping the question.

For your question, Yes I can confirm that Visas on Arrival are available at
the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing (Cambodia to Laos). I'm 99% sure as I've called the official at the check point to check this same info for my site visitor recently. If you've not already seen it, here is what I
refer to https://www.laos-guide-999.com/visaonarrival-at-the-overland-border-crossing-dong-kralor-veun-kham.html.
There is 1% chance that the official in question would give wrong info.

By the way, when you've done your Cambodia-Lao border crossing venture, can you please share it with me and other visitors that maybe looking for info on the subject. I've receive this same question over and over again in the past year. If you can share your own experience I'll very much appreciate and I think other will too.

D. Phothisane

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Aug 24, 2019
Border Corruption
by: Craig

The official are requesting $2 to stamp you in to the country on top of your visa charge.
They also request $2 for your vehicle.

None of these charges are legal and if you refuse to pay then they refuse to hand over your passport.

Cross another border from Thailand if you can.

Aug 26, 2017
Lao visa on arrival available, not sure about bike into Lao
by: Duangpy


Yes, I can confirmed that Lao visa on arrival is available at Cambodia-Laos border crossing point.

As for the bike from Cambodia into Laos, I'm not sure. I'm unable to get the information on this at the moment.
Sorry for not being able to help on this.
All the best.

Aug 25, 2017
by: Reisa

Apologies to Duangpy, yes I did mean crossing from Laos to Vietnam, then into Cambodia at the Le Thanh/O Yadao crossing which is the Vietnam/Cambodia border (I wrote it incorrectly in the first post). Thanks for catching that.

Aug 25, 2017
Laos Visa on Arrival? Cambodian motorbikes allowed in Laos?
by: Jota

Can you please confirm that the Laos VA is available?


Somebody has info about entering a Cambodian motorbike in Laos?
I saw that the other way would be difficult, as it happens for entering Thailand, that's why I'm thinking about buying a Cambodian bike, which seems ok at least for Thai. Would it be possible to travel around Laos with it as well?


May 17, 2017
by: Duangpy

Hi Reisa,

Thanks for sharing the info. I'm sure it is helpful for someone who plans to cross the border with their bikes.

Did you mean, after you were told you were not allowed to take your bike into Cambodia through Lao/Cambodia border crossing point, you went back from Laos to Vietnam, and then successfully crossed the border (with your bike) from Vietnam to Cambodia at Le Thanh/O Yadao border crossing point?

** The Le Thanh/O Yadao crossing is Vietnam/Cambodia border not Vietnam/Laos.

May 16, 2017
Cannot bring bikes across the southern Laos border to Cambodia
by: Reisa

We went to the Cambodian consulate in Pakse and they told us we could NOT bring motorcycles across the border from Laos into Cambodia. We went around through Vietnam (crossed into Vietnam at the Bo Y crossing - we already had multiple entry Vietnam visas) and then into Laos at Le Thanh / O Yadao (Vietnam/Laos). No problems getting Cambodian visa on entry there.

May 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for having this information available!

/yet another backpacker

Mar 02, 2017
Can we cross with motorbikes from Laos to Cambodia at the Veun Kham Stung Treng border?
by: Reisa

We have heard that some people have not been allowed to bring bikes in to Cambodia, but we have also heard some people have been able to cross. Can you confirm whether we should be able to cross into cambodia with our vietnamese plated motorbikes? Thank you so much

Jan 12, 2017
Cambodian visa on arrival is available
by: Duangpy

Yes, Cambodia visa on arrival is available at this border.

Jan 10, 2017
2017 Trip
by: rthomas268

In May 2017 we are planning on crossing from Laos to Cambodia at the Dong Kralor/Stung Trend border crossing - going from Laos to Cambodia. Is the Visa on Arrival available on the Cambodian side of the border crossing?

Thanks for updated info.

Jun 21, 2016
Updates in 2016?
by: Anonymous

Still open for 30 day VA?

May 16, 2014
by: Mai

Yes, it's possible, with valid travel documents of course (both for you and your car).

May 15, 2014
personal car
by: roger

Any possibility of going in either direction with a Thai-registered car with a T sticker and purple international passport?

Feb 11, 2014
Just the way it's referred to
by: D.

The Stung Treng you said you read on the site might be Stung Treng/Veun Kham (a river crossing), if that's what you meant, it's true that the river border crossing point has been closed to foreigners (only locals are allowed to cross at this crossing point).

So... now there is only one border crossing point between Laos and Cambodia that opens to all (foreigner and locals). This crossing point is located at Dong Kralor (a sub-district or a village) in Stung Treng province of Cambodia and Veun Kham village in Laos. It's called Dong Kralor/Veun Kham crossing, but often referred to as Stung Treng crossing. And the Stung Treng referred to here on this page is actually Dong Kralor/Veun Kham. Confusing, isn't it?

Well... to make it short and simple. There is only one border crossing point for Laos and Cambodia and it's open. You can absolutely be sure.

Feb 10, 2014
Stung treng border crossing still open?
by: Anonymous

I've read the site and it said it wasn't an option to cross into Laos via stung treng but read on here that this is incorrect.

Has anyone crossed this way recently? Is it open?

Jan 15, 2014
On border visa for Cambodia is available
by: D.

Sorry for late reply, your post has slipped some how.

You might have already done your border crossing by now, but here is the answer anyway just in case others need the same info.

Cambodia visa on arrival is available at the border (Laos-Cambodia border) though I'm not absolutely sure if there is an exception eg. some nationalities can't get the visa at the border (on arrival visa) as in the case for Laos.

The bicycle should be no problems either.

Oct 31, 2013
information of visa
by: ELIE

I want to travel with my bicycle from Laos to Cambodia and from Cambodia to Thailand.
I am looking on websites to find ALL the places where I can cross the borders and if I can take on the borders visa for Cambodia .
For Thailand I have already a visa .
For my bicycle :I think is not problem?

Oct 01, 2013
Money exchange? Not sure.
by: D.


Thanks for your nice words about the site.

As for money exchange, I don't think there is one at that border unless they put it recently.

Yes, it's hard when you can't get local currency before entering the country, but for Laos it's a bit easier compare to Thailand for example because in Laos Thai Baht and US dollar are widely accepted.

You can get prepared (outside Laos) by getting some small notes of Thai Baht or US dollar (20, 50, 100 Baht or $1 and $5 notes). When you pay in Thai Baht or US dollar, you'll get change is Kips, but larger notes can be difficult, traders especially those in smaller towns usually don't have much change.

Hope this helps,

Oct 01, 2013
Nearest Money exchange
by: TSZ


Can anyone tell me if/where we have the chance to change money between the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing? Not being able to get Lao Kip outside of Laos will be a problem for us as our first stop in Laos is in Si Phan Don. As an alternative I've heard that Thai Baht is taken on the islands. Any advise, confirmation or suggestions of where to exchange USD to Kip is appreciated.

TSZ - great site by the way, best info I've found on the border crossing yet!

Aug 07, 2013
Re: visa to Laos for Bosnian citizens
by: Anel

D., thank you for your answer and the link, you're more helpful than any embassy!:)

Aug 05, 2013
For your reference
by: D.

Hi Anel,

Thanks for dropping by, it's nice to hear my website is somewhat helpful.

To answer your question I'd like to ask you to read this page https://www.laos-guide-999.com/visa-on-arrival.html#noteligble.

The link above will take you to a list that shows 29 countries which Laos doesn't grant visa on arrival to.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in the list that means citizen of these countries are eligible for Lao visa on arrival.

Below that countries list (scroll down a little) there is a list of visa prices. The price for Bosnia and Herzegovina is $30.

Hope this helps,

Aug 05, 2013
visa to Laos for Bosnian citizens
by: Anel

Dear D.,
I've just found your super-helpful website while searching for info about visas to Laos and I'd like to ask you a question.
Somebody mentioned above that the visa for the EU citizens costs 30-35$ and for US citizens it's 40$.
I wonder how much it is in case of the citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is it possible to get visa on arrival no matter what you citizenship is? Is there any official website where it can be consulted, or maybe you happen to know it?
Thank you in advance!

Jun 06, 2013
Visa Laos on arrival
by: Anonymous

Thank you both for that information.


Jun 04, 2013
15 days visa - old info
by: D.

Now the visa is for 30 days not 15 days. The 15 days visa you saw elsewhere is outdated info. It used to be 15 days years ago, the website you saw was not updated I guess.

Jun 04, 2013
I don't believe
by: Snezana

I've got visa on the border two times (when I crossed from China and then from Vietnam), first time in December 2012, and second time in March 2013. and each was for 30 days. When I crossed Lao-Camnbodian border in the end of April 2013, I met a lot of people who were crossing from another direction, and all of them got a 30-days visa.
I can't believe that rules are change for two months.
Anyway, you can extend your visa in Vientian, as well as in Savanakhet and in Luang Prabang (but I'm not sure for last place). I extended my visa 2 times in Vientian, and it cost something about 2 $ per day.

Jun 04, 2013
Laos Visa on arrival
by: Anonymous

I mean the border crossing from Cambodia to Laos...

Jun 04, 2013
Laos Visa on arrival
by: Anonymous


We want to cross the border to Laos in July 2013, but I just read on another website that the Visa on arrival is just valid for 15 days.

Can anyone confirm that? Is there any possibility to extend the visa on arrival? We are planning to stay 20 days in Laos.

Thanks and kind regards,


May 28, 2013
Good question
by: D.

Snezana thanks for your answer. It's very helpful. I was not sure myself about Cambodia visa, but for the Lao one it's always full page regardless of where you get.

May 28, 2013
Full page visas
by: Snezana

Unfortunately, both countries have full page visa. But if you're going from Lao to Cambodia and enter by plane, you can take Cambodian e-visa and you will save a page in your passport.

May 28, 2013
Lao sticker visa or stamp?
by: Sandra

Hi D.
I'm trying to find out if in the Cambodia-Lao border they have a stamp visa or a full page sticker visa? My passport has got only 1 page left and my trip depends on whether sticker or full page visa.
Thanks a lot.

Mar 28, 2013
Thanks D
by: Anonymous

That is very helpful!

Mar 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply, that's great to know. Yes I read your advice on everything you need for paperwork to cross the border which I have so it looks like all will be ok. If you don't hear back you know I made it ok but if there are any issues ill post a new comment so others are aware too. Thanks again.

Mar 28, 2013
Rules not changed
by: D.


Yes, visa is still available at the Laos-Cambodia crossing, nothing has changed.

I know there is conflict info out there about the subject. Some websites just post outdated info, I guess because they based their research on the info available on the internet. I on the other hand check info a least every 3-4 months by contacting directly the immigration officer at that particular border. I live in Laos so it's easy enough for me to do that.
Anyway, hope this can convince you.

Mar 28, 2013
Bike crossing OK
by: D.


Thanks for the question, it urged me to check (I planned to do a while ago but never come around to do it).

Yes, you can ride your bike to cross the Cambodia - Laos border provided that you have all the required paperwork. You said you have, right?

You can be sure this info is accurate as I just called (today) the immigration office at the border to check and the officer confirmed it.

Hope this help clear your doubt.

Mar 27, 2013
just checking
by: chelleabelle

seems that all the posts about vis entries are getting to be about 1 year old, so just hoping to confirm that it is still possible to get an visa into Loas at the cambodian border. I understand that i will need USD but just checking that the rules haven't changed! so much contradictory info online about this so hoping for someone with first hand experience recently. Thanks guys

Mar 27, 2013
hope the travel agent is right
by: D.


To be honest, I wouldn't believe the travel agent hundred percent, hope he/she knows what he/she was talking about.

Any way it's good to know that tourist visa for Cambodia can only be extended once.

Wish you best of luck.

Mar 26, 2013
Is it a motorbike crossing border?
by: Wix

Hi, I am planning to cross this border in a few days. I am glad i can get my tourist visa at the border but I want to know if its a border crossing that you can drive motorbikes across at? I have a Vietnames registered motorbike and all my paperwork and had no trouble bringing the motorbike in to Cambodia at the Ha Tien / Prek Chek border. Really need to find this out before I head off up there...

Mar 21, 2013
Wrong name!
by: Snezana011

About getting a Cambodian business visa on a border.
I tried in Vientian, and been refused. Than I pedalling down to the Lao-Cambodian border, and on the check point asked for business visa, but they answered there is no available.

Today I send an email to one travel agent in Sihanoukvile, asking for visa extension. Here is answer:

"A tourist visa can only be extended 1 time for 1 month.
It is not possible to change to a business visa.
You can get a new visa at the border (the business visa is now called an "ordinary" visa on the application form and requires no documents) or pay a penalty of $5 a day overstay when you leave Cambodia."

I am wondering why nobody said me that on the border or in the embassy.

Mar 09, 2013
Only by plane
by: Snezana011

Only way to enter in Myanmar is by plane. Plane ticket from Kunming or from Bangkok is around 80$ - probably cheaper then you will pay for travel agent. Check out Air Asia.
BTW, there is no border between Laos and Myanmar.

Mar 09, 2013
Crossing Laos-Myanmar
by: Bea

Hi again, about the post before it's all clear now that I would need to get some dollars because as it is said in the site there is no way to buy lao kip outside the country (sorry I didn't look at it the other day), so I'll change dollars once inside.
Still another question about Laos-Myanmar border crossing. I hope you can help me with. From Laos I would like to cross to Myanmar, do you know if is that possible? Laos-Myanmar border crossing Q&A has been moved to its own page here.

Mar 08, 2013
Visa fee, only dollars?
by: Bea

First of all thanks a lot for this post, it is the most helpful I could find. Im planning to go to Laos from Cambodia and I would like to know if I can pay the visa in Lao kip not in dollars because I dont have (in China now). By the way, is there any way to change money at the border?

Feb 26, 2013
I'm hoping
by: Snezana

Thank you, D.
I'm hoping to find some travel agency near the border believing that they can arrange my business visa for a reasonable fee. If not, I'll by touristic visa and after extending it, I can always do visa run to Laos.

Anyway, will share my experience here.



Feb 26, 2013
I wouldn't recommend
by: D.


I'm afraid you can't get your business visa at the border.

Usually business visas are given only at the embassy because this involves more paper work plus that you have to have a proof of employment. If you can't provide that, it's highly likely you'll be refused.

As you were refused already at the embassy, I wouldn't recommend trying to get your business visa at the border. There is a very little chance.

However, if you insist in trying your luck then why not. If you don't get lucky you can apply for tourist visa.

Feb 26, 2013
Business visa
by: Snezana

I am still wondering is it possible to get a business visa for Cambodia on a border crossing Lao-Cambodia.
I've just been refused by Cambodian embassy in Vientiane where I applied for business visa because I didn't have any paper of my "employer". They provided me only touristic visa but I canceled because I hope to get business visa on the border.

Feb 25, 2013
Thanks for reconfirm
by: D.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's helpful, so we (travelers) know what to expect.

Feb 23, 2013
Dong kralor/stung treng crossing
by: Anonymous

As at feb 2013, visa on arrivel is available. As per another post, be prepared to pay an additional $1 or $2 for what ever 'administration fee' they think of on the day. Mine was because it was a Saturday. But equally, had it been Friday, it might have been because the sun was shining. Such a shame as these 'surcharges' detract from the enjoyment of the beautiful country that is Laos.

Jan 07, 2013
just one question...
by: Anonymouse

Dear keeper and updater of the information,

After reading this page multiple times through, I just have one question - can you confirm your 1000% confirmation of the Laos visa being available at the Dong Kralor crossing?

Just kidding! We now know that we can get the visa on arrival. Thanks for all your hard work, this helped us in preparation for cycling from Cambodia to China through Laos. Yay! We'll try to confirm again once we do it :)

Dec 25, 2012
Crossing the Cam-Lao border with a rented car
by: Bob

Friends can someone tell me which car papers you need to cross the CAM to LAO border with a rented car ? I asked various rental companies in Phnom Penh and none seems to know... Many thanks,
Bob nero_aff@yahoo.com

Nov 26, 2012
How to travel from Stung Treng to Laos (cross border)
by: D.

Hi Marie,
As far as I know the most common and easiest way of getting to Don Kralor (the Laos/Cambodia border) from Stung Treng is by minivan.

I assume you plan to spend some time in Stung Treng, right? If that's the case you have time to organise it there.

You can book a minivan ride or a "minivan tour" (that is what they call it) at one of the travel agencies in Stung Treng.

The van takes you to the border, once you finish with your immigration clearance, the same minivan takes you to Nakasang (in the 4,000 islands area, Laos) where you can take a boat crossing the river to touristy islands like Don Det, Don Khone or a larger island called Don Khong.

I'm not sure how much the minivan tour costs, some say $10 others say $15 or even more (sorry I'm unable to give exact figures). Crossing the river by boat costs around 5,000 - 15,000kip depending on the number of passengers sharing the boat (the ferry to Don Khong is cheaper).

If you don't want to stop by the 4,000 islands area, you can continue to the north by bus, minivan or Song Teo (converted truck). Pakse will be the next town, around 2 1/2 hours away.

There are quite many buses and Song Teo running between Nakasang and Pakse, however, bare in mind that if you arrive in late afternoon, it might be hard to catch one.

Hope this helps,

Nov 25, 2012
Organised crossing border
by: Marie


I plan to cross the border from Cambodia to Laos in January 2013. So happy to hear we can have the visa at the border !!

I am then wondering how it is organized, the crossing itself is at Dom Kralor so how do I get there from Stung Treng? And where do we arrive in Laos? Do I have to organise transport in advance on both sides? What is the easiest and safest way to reach Don Khong for example? Is it by group, taxi etc?

Thank you so much :-)

Nov 12, 2012
Don't believe Phnom Penh Pocket Guide Cambodia
by: D.

Hello Andrew and Jodi,

Thanks for stopping by.
Yes, it is a repetitive question but it's ok no worries.
For Lao visa on arrival at Laos - Cambodia border, I can confirm (hundred times) that it's available. Don't believe that pocket guide you read about this visa thing. It's such a misleading info. I can't believe they published 3 year outdated info on their guide, I guess they didn't check the info at all.

I'm thousand percent sure the info I got is accurate because I just talked with the official on duty this morning about the issue and he confirmed the visa is available, nothing has changed. He also said if it is changed, the ministry of foreign affairs would have announced it on newspaper. That's true because most info (or at least a clue) I got about visa is from their announcement on the newspaper.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a little more confident that you can get the visa at Laos - Cambodia border.

Nov 09, 2012
Laos visa from Cambodia
by: Andrew and Jodi

Hi, I know this is a repetitive question, but we want to cross to Laos from Cambodia (late Nov 2012) and the comments above say that it's possible to get the visa on arrival. However, the latest "Phnom Penh Pocket Guide Cambodia" (issue #27 - nov 2012) found in Phnom Penh stores/tourist info says that the "Laos visa are not available" at Dom Kralor. Is this correct?

If so, what is the best way to get our tourist visa's for Laos from Phnom Penh (for an Australian/Canadian).

Is there an up to date official government website that gives a clue to travellers about what is going on???

Andrew and Jodi.

Nov 06, 2012
Visa on arrival ok, but not sure about the bike
by: D.


The visa on arrival for human is ok, but with the bike I'm not sure if it's allowed because some border crossings don't allow bike.

Nov 05, 2012
With motorbikes
by: Severi

I'll be crossing from Cambodia to Laos with motorbikes soon. The same visa on arrival is ok or do I need visa from Embassy?

Sep 01, 2012
You need separate visa to enter Laos from Cambodia
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for visiting my site.
To enter Laos from Cambodia you need to get a visa. The e-visa for Cambodia is only good for Cambodia, can't be used to enter Laos.

Hope this clears things up for you.


Aug 30, 2012
by: Samantha

Thanks for a lot of useful information about entering Laos.
Maybe I've missed out, but I just want to clarify something.
I am going from Thailand through Cambodia to Laos. Do I need to buy an extra visa to enter Laos? Or is the e-visa for Cambodia ($25) also valid from Cambodia to Laos?

I am going at the end of September.

Aug 17, 2012
Laos to Cambodia Dong Kralor Crossing
by: PMills

We are two Canadians who are hoping to cross the border from Laos into Cambodia at Dong Kralor. We have been told by two Laos nationals that Visas on arrival into Cambodia are no longer available. Is this true, or can we still get a Visa at this land crossing? (August 2012)
Thank you!!

Jul 01, 2012
Yes, comfirm
by: D. Phothisane

Hi Joaquin,

Thanks for visiting us.
The answer for your question is "yes". You can get Cambodian tourist visa at the border when enter to Cambodia from Laos.

I'm not sure how much it costs and what the requirements are. This website (http://www.discoveryindochina.com/cam/visa/index.html) has the info, but don't know how accurate it is because it still says Lao visa is not available at the Lao-Cambodia border which is not true.

Anyway, hope this helps.


Jun 30, 2012
Tourist Visa Laos-Cambodia at Dong Kralor/Sung Treng
by: Joaquin

Hello D. Phothisane and everyone else. I've just found your web and I have a question.

I'm planning my trip to Laos and I was wondering if you can confirm me that a Tourist visa to Cambodia can be obtained here crossing from Laos.

Also if you can confirm me what requirement I need it would be helpful. (I'm Spanish)
I imagine: 2 pictures, 30-35 $, passport with 2 pages and does not expire within 6 months..... anything else??

I've read above that bussiness visas were granted, but I just want to confirm the tourist one.

Thanks anyway


May 15, 2012
Glad to hear you had smooth crossing
by: D. Phothisane

Hi Bradley,

Thanks for your effort to share first hand info, I appreciat it and I believe others do too.

I hope you had a good time and enjoyed your trip.


May 14, 2012
Re: Yes, you can enter Laos at Dong Kralor visa-free
by: Bradley

Thanks for the update, D. Confirmed that Indonesian passport holder can enter Veun Kham visa free. I did it myself last week (7 May 2012) with no hassle. :D

Apr 22, 2012
Yes, you can enter Laos at Dong Kralor visa-free
by: D. Phothisane

Hi Bradley,

Yes, you can enter Laos at all international border crossing points visa-free. No additional requirements (if things have not changed recently that I don't know off).

Hope this is helpful.

Apr 21, 2012
Visa free for Indonesian passport holder at Dong Kralor
by: Bradley


So relieved to know that travelers can now get visas on arrival at Dong Kralor. But as an Indonesian passport holder I can actually enter Laos visa-free.

The question is: can still enter Laos visa-free through Dong Kralor? Is there any additional requirement to this? Thanks for your help :)

Mar 01, 2012
Cambodia Visa is available at Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing
by: D.Phothisane

Yes, it's confirmed that Cambodian visa is available at Lao/Cambodia border.

Driving your car crossing the border shouldn't be a problem as long as you have all necessary documents which I assume you do because you've driven cross Laos/Thailand border. So... driving cross Lao/Cambodia border shouldn't require anything special other than what required at other borders.

Enjoy you journey to Cambodia.

Feb 25, 2012
Laos to Cambodia
by: Anonymous

Can someone let me know if a Cambodian ( regular/business) visa is available at the border coming from Laos?
I will be driving down from Vientiane so if anyone knows if there is anything special to know/do would appreciate it. Will be in my Thai registered car.


Jan 31, 2012
Thanks for sharing
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Tara,
Thanks so much for sharing the info. It's very kind of you. I very much appreciate it. I'm sure others will find it helpful.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Laos.

Again thanks,

Jan 30, 2012
CONFIRM: Laos visas on arrival are available at the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing
by: Tara

Hello D. Phothisane,

I can confirm that YES, as of January 2012, Laos visas on arrival are available at the Dong Kralor/Stung Treng border crossing.

The price is $35USD for EU passport holders, and $40USD for US passport holders, plus the "officials" charge an extra $1USD per passport if it is after 4:00pm (they call it "overtime"- I call it corruption), making the totals $36USD and $41USD respectively.

If you already have your Lao visa when you arrive at the border, you will be charged an extra $5USD for "stamping fee".

As a US passport holder, if I had bought my Laos visa in Phnom Penh it would have cost me $53USD (the price all travel agencies and hotels were quoting me), plus an extra $5USD "stamping fee" once I got to the border, totaling $58USD!! I saved $16USD by getting my visa on the border, and I'm happy I did!

Please share this on your website, and be sure to include the date of my border crossing (January 2012) so people have a time reference to how updated this information is.

Kind regards,

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