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Mar 26, 2018
Bangkok cant apply. in KhonKen 10 minutes visa ready
by: ozan

Laos embassy in Bangkok. when they see Turkish passport. they said : ohhh no cant apply visa here. or you wait 15days. when I said. ok I wait. he said. ok come back 15days later. I tell him. you not take any of my document's. he said thats ok. come back 15days later. don't need submit now. they dont check background. only hotel booking confirmation, flight ticket confirm, 1 photo and application form. but when they saw turkish passport. even they don't accept your documents

Jan 09, 2011
Not all are bad
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Laoshi,

I'm sorry to hear about such bad treatment.
I guess there are some good and some bad people in all walks of life. I won't judge.

However, think I can understand you, I'd be hurt if I was treated like that. They didn't have to be rude to you even if they don't want to give you a visa.


Jan 08, 2011
Bad Treatment
by: Laoshi

I am a Turkish citizen living in Kunming / China.
The local Laos Consulate refused to even take a look at my passport... They said:
"Your citizens are bad behavior... Dangerous people" and then concluded:
"You not welcome to Laos"

I have informed our embassy in China.
I cannot believe the way I was treated.

The consulate in Kunming refuses to provide tourist visas to Turkish citizens.

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