Get a new Lao visa at the Lao-Thai border w/o entering Thailand?

by Linda
(Vientiane, Laos)


My Lao visa will expire in a week and I would like to spend 1 more month in Laos. I wonder if I can go to the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge, exit Laos, and come back straight to Lao border to apply for a new tourist visa without entering Thailand. Or must I enter Thailand before re-entering Laos?
I am a Chinese national.
Thank you very much.


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Apr 20, 2018
Follow up question
by: John

How many times can you do this in a year? Because I already did this 3 times in 3 months. (30 days per stamp) Is this allowed to do many times? or there is a limit. Thanks in advance!

Apr 11, 2015
Exit Laos enter Thailand back to Laos
by: Anonymous

I live in Laos Have to exit Laos they stamp your
passport Enter Thailand fill out simple entry form no visa no fees you get 14 days stamp on passport to stay in Thailand up to you. You can cross the road exit Thailand back into Laos get a new visa on arrival and you are OK for another 30 days. A bit hard on your passport.

Dec 22, 2014
Re: Updated info
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your generous help, Duangpy!
Okay, then I will just extend a few days at the Immigration Office.
Thanks again for the very useful information!


Dec 21, 2014
Updated info
by: Duangpy

As promised, yesterday I checked with the official on duty, at the visa booth, Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge. It turned out that you can't just exit Laos and come back straight (without entering Thailand) to get a new visa. It doesn't work that way.

Every tourist visa holder in need to renew their visa needs to exit Laos, enter its neighbor country, and return to Laos (any time they'd like, same day or same hour) to apply for the Lao visa.

When you apply for the visa, the official will always check your passport for a immigration stamp of the country at the other side of the border, in this case Thailand, if they don't see that they will make you go back for it.

Dec 18, 2014
Thanks, Duangpy!
by: Linda

Thank you for your kind reply, Duangpy!
I look forward to more information available on this issue, and will probably try my luck at the border in the near future.
Thanks again.


Dec 18, 2014
Good question
by: Duangpy

Hi Linda,

That's a good question.
I was asked similar questions a number of times but most asked if they can go to Thailand briefly through Lao - Thai Friendship Bridge then come back to Laos, get the visa at the bridge, but no one asked if they can just exit Laos and come back (without entering Thailand).

I can surely say yes you can exit Laos, enter Thailand and come back to get the visa, but Your question made me double check the fact.

According to my resource that I've checked with (who provides visa service for along time), you can exit Laos via the bridge and return straight to apply for a new visa (no need to enter Thailand).

However, despite the confirmation of this resource, I'm a little afraid to guarantee until I can check the info directly with the consulate official at the bridge themselves.

Let me check info again when I cross the bridge to Thailand this coming weekend. Then I'll post it here as soon as I have a confirmation.

Till then, enjoy your stay.

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