get visa-at Pakse or Luang Prabang on AirLao flight from Siem Reap?

by Robert
(Arizona, USA)

I want to fly from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang on Lao Airlines, but there is only a 40 minute layover in Pakse. Will there be enough time to get the visa in Pakse do you think? Or can I wait to get to Luang Prabang airport for the visa? Thanks!

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Jan 03, 2017
Thanks for responding
by: Robert

The Lao flight number from Pakse to LP is the same as the flight number from Siem Reap to Pakse so I am assuming it is the same aircraft. I guess I should have checked with a travel agency on this!

Jan 03, 2017
40 minutes not possible
by: Duangpy

Hi Robert,

Arriving from Siem Reap (international flight) you need to check out, collect your luggage and then go to domestic channel to check in your luggage for the next flight to Luang Prabang. Even if you don't have to get your visa on arrival 40 minutes is no enough. The check-in counter might already close by the time you check collect your luggage.

Usually you need to check in 2 hours before departure time. In special circumstances you might be able to make it one hour before departure time.

I would not recommend, it's too risky.

I'm not sure if you can transit at Pakse and then get your visa on arrival at the final destination (Luang Prabang). If you book your ticket through travel agent, they will be able to advise.

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