How much would I pay for a Laos TRANSIT visa?

by Paul


I want to go from China to Thailand via Laos...How much would I pay for a Laos TRANSIT visa?

Hello Paul,

Thanks for visiting my site and for taking the time to write.

I'm sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner.
Hope it's not too late to answer your question now.

The TRANSIT visa fee for Ireland citizen is 1400Baht (Thai Baht) or around US$47. This is for one entry. If you enter Laos then go to Thailand, and come back to Laos again to go back to China (this counts 2 entries) it will cost 700Baht more.
The total cost for 2 entries is 2100 Thai Baht (around US$70). You can stay in Vientiane for 7 days on TRANSIT visa (I assume you're already aware of that).

I didn't realize that it costs this much (more than getting a tourist visa on arrival (UD$30, and stay up to 30 days)). It will be much simpler and cheaper to get a tourist visa at a Lao airport or at the borders (known as visa on arrival).

I was told that you can also get the transit visa at Laos port of entry (Airports and Laos border check points) where Lao visa-on-arrival is issued.
However, I honestly am not sure of the accuracy of the information because it changes quite often. I would suggest that you check with the Lao consulate in China before you leave to Laos.

Laos consulate in China:
Tel:(+86) 10-6532 3601 (Beijing), OR
(+86-871) 317 6623 (Kunming).
For more embassies visit Embassies page

Information Source: Lao consulate in Khonkaen, Thailand.
Tel: (66 43)242858.
Currency of the info: 22 April 2011.

I hope this helps.

P.S. I'd love to hear how your Lao transit visa venture go. Please could you give me and other visitors an update if/when you've done it? it'd be very much appreciated.

Have a smooth journey,

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