Is ordinary Liberian Passport Holder allowed to get a Laos one month visa on arrival?


Thank you for your web site

I am from France and I intend with my Liberian Friend to travel in Laos as a first destination for a trip in Asia for 3 months.

Is that Ok for my friend to enter by plane with me and get her Laos one month tourist visa with no problem? as French it sounds ok, but for her?

Can she get one or 2 months extension in Laos in case we decide to stay here all our vacation?

And at Vientiane airport, is that ok to show a return ticket with a date of 3 months later than the arrival, knowing that we are allowed first for just one month in Laos?

Of course we wish to travel after one month of Laos, maybe in Cambodia and Thailand, before going back out of Asia 3 months later via Vientiane airport

What is the best thinks to do to in our case?
Liberian passport do not have the opportunity to make visa in their country, cause no embassies of south east Asia and we do not take the risk to do that via mail.

Thanks you very much for your precious reply that can helps us dramatically

Lionel Terese
Angeline Davies

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Aug 03, 2018
visa for Thailand
by: Vladimir

hi, I would like to know how a liberian passport holder living in Liberia can acquire a visa for Thailand.

Oct 21, 2012
Wish I know
by: D.

Hi Willbee,

Thanks for taking the time to post the question. Although I wish I can provide answers to all kind of questions, I've to confess that I don't know the answer to your question because I've not done a research on Cambodia visa. This website focuses on Laos only.

Sorry for not being able to help.


Oct 20, 2012
Liberian Visa
by: Willbee

Hi Sir|madam
My name is Willbee a Liberian living in Ghana, I want to know if I can get a Cambodia visa from any other Embassy, I have search but can not see a Cambodian Embassy here, One major thing I want to know is the Cost of the Visa, and where do I get it, do I need extra asset to be in Cambodia,.

Thanks and Have a good day

Hope to hear from you soon

Oct 20, 2011
Thanks for sharing
by: D.

Hi Lionel,

Thanks very much for taking the time to share, I appreciate it. I highly value your effort, I'm sure the information will be of benefit to the website visitors so... please feel free to come back and leave comments/info that you think might be useful for others.

P.S. I'd love to hear about your trip once you do it. Anything at all eg. what you like or not like, what you encounter during your trip (difficult situation, pleasant or strange people etc).

Any way, have a nice and enjoyable trip.

All the best,

Oct 20, 2011
by: Lionel

HELLO Duangpy.

Thanks for your reply
I confirm in case you find the information important for your website that Liberian Passport can get Cambodia visa on arrival at the airports of this country = this is the Cambodia Embassy of Paris that just confirm that to me

Oct 09, 2011
Good to know I can help
by: D.

Hi Lionel and Angy,

I'm glad that I can help even if it's a tiny bit.

As for Cambodia visa on arrival for Angy, I have to admit that I'm not sure if it's avaiable for her. I will not give any info unless I'm sure of its accuracy.

Thanks for your nice word,

Oct 07, 2011
thanks for your help...
by: Lionel


Yes indeed, your answers help
so now i am sure she can not get visa on arrival in Laos
I studied for Cambodia, and according to Paris at Cambodia embassy, it seems that she can get a visa on arrival in Phnom Penh for one month, so the problem might be resolved i think

unfortunatly she can not get thai visa on arrival in Thailand too, so it seems that we are going to enter through south east Asia via Cambodia first and visit probably Laos at last as you advised wisely and Thailand in second with the thai embassy visa of Phnom Penh

If you can double confirm here that it is ok for Cambodia visa on arrival, it might be absolutly secure for this plan for us to travel 3 months in southh Asia ...
of course I just ask yet unformaly, cause I know your website is specialized for Laos and not Cambodia neither Thailand

Thanks anyway for your help untill now
Your website is highly appreciated


Oct 07, 2011
Answer and my suggestions
by: D.

Hi Lionel Terese and Angeline Davies,

Thanks for visiting my website and dropping the questions.

Here are answers to your questions:

>>Is that Ok for my friend to enter by plane with me and get her Laos one month tourist visa with no problem? as French it sounds ok, but for her?

If you meant getting a Lao visa at the airport for her, then the answer is NO, it's not possible at the moment for Liberian passport holders to get Lao visa on arrival (at Lao airports or border check points). For detailed list of who can or cannot get Lao visa on arrival please visit this page

However, she can get Lao visa somewhere before entering Laos. If you're come to Laos via Thailand, then Bangkok is the place you can get the visa. Laos Embassy page has all the addresses and phone numbers.

Once she gets the visa, one month extension in Laos is no problem. If you need to get 2 months extension, you'll have to do it twice because you can only have one month each time.

There won't be a problem for your ticket showing return date 3 months later than the arrival date. In facts they usually don't check your tickets on your arrival. They only check your passport.

If you plan to travel in the three countries you mentioned (Lao, Thailand and Cambodia), I would suggest that you do Laos second or last. The reasons are:

1) Because your friend is not eligible for getting a Lao visa on arrival so she needs to get it prior to entering Laos. So...if you do Thailand or Cambodia first, you can get Lao visa for her in any of the two countries.
2) To avoid entering Laos twice because your visa is for single entry only. Entering Laos again means that you have to get visa again which can be too much trouble as your friend can't get one on arrival.
3) If you come to Laos last (after the other countries), you can stay in Laos longer if you like, just have your visa extended and it's easy to do so.

Anyway, there is no right or wrong answer to how you can do it best. It really depends on your personal preference. But bare in mind that Liberian passport holders cannot get Lao visa at the airports.

Hope this helps,

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