Laos And Cambodia Tourist Visa for SriLankan Pasport Holder.

by Ariyathilaka
(Sri Lanka)

I am a Sri Lankan living in Sri Lanka. I plan to visit Laos and Cambodia next November.I will come to Malaysia first and stay few days in Kuala Lumpur. Before I go to Laos and Cambodia can I get the Tourist visa from embassies of these countries in KL? Because there are no embassies of the countries in Sri Lanka.


1. Can Sri Lankan pasport holders get Visa on arrival at the Wattay airport?
2. Can Sri Lankan Get Visa at the Laos Cambodian border to enter Cambodia?

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May 29, 2013
Yes and No
by: D.


Thanks for dropping by.

For Lao visa the answer is YES and No.
YES, if you can provide a letter of guarantee, and NO if you can’t. Explanation is below.

Technically citizens of 29 countries in this list (including Sri Lanka) can apply for Lao visa at Lao embassy or consulate in foreign countries, but in practice consulate officers are very hesitant to grant the visa to this particular list for some reasons, so… it can be hard.

However, if you can provide a Letter of Guarantee from someone in Lao (an employer, a travel agent or a friend through Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Laos), there will be no problems for you to get the visa. With that in hand you can get your visa at a Lao consulate abroad. You'll need to indicate which consulate you would like to pick up your visa, this is done during the process of getting Letter of Guarantee in Laos.

For Cambodian visa, it’s very similar to Lao one. Sri Lankan passport holders are in their list of citizens to which Cambodia doesn’t grant visa on arrival.

The answer to your question “Can Sri Lankan Get Visa at the Laos Cambodian border to enter Cambodia?” is NO.

To get Cambodian visa at their consulate abroad e.g. in KL, you will need to provide a letter of sponsor (a letter of guarantee) similar to that for Laos, plus a return air ticket to and from Cambodia. Without these, your visa application will likely be unsuccessful.

Aug 18, 2014
why visiting countries who does not need you
by: Anonymous

I was very surprised the comment, that sri lankan passport in the list that do not want. Guys, there are many other wonderfull places on earth you see other than laos or cambodia which havocked countries .

I believe sri lankan foreign ministry is clever enough not to do stupid things like this. Any visitor should be welcomed. However Not criminals. There is only good and bad people in the world and lists are known.

Aug 28, 2014
Stupid foreign policy
by: Chanaka Perera

I'm also really amazed to hear this. I recently tried to get Cambodian Visa after finding out their Angkor wat temple complexes. But that's all they have. To see that we have pay ridiculous visa fee ~200US$( It come with the form of Processing fee/ Courier fee/Approval letter fee etc...)
So I just gave up going there. Why waste money to such a country if don't want us while There are plenty of other countries warmly welcoming sriLankans.

Aug 29, 2014
You are right
by: Anonymous

Chanaka Perera and Anonymous,

Yes, you're right why trying to go where you're not wanted. If it is not worth the trouble go somewhere that is easier.

The countries indicated that they don't want you probably really don't want you.

On the other hand I'm sure not everyone in the world will be allowed in Srilanka either. All countries have their rules and regulations to run their countries otherwise things will be out of control, so I wouldn't blame them if I'm not allowed to enter Srilanka for example.

Jan 08, 2015
Who's to blame?
by: Anonymous

Don't be sure that it's Laos and Cambodia to blame.
However it proved easy for my friend to get the visa for Cambodia. You must first get a letter of 'No Objection' from the Sri Lankan authorities. I got one easily at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Bangkok. Take that to the Cambodian Embassy, fly in should be the route and the visa was issues within hours.
Why do you think the Sri Lankan Government has to give permission?

Feb 03, 2015
Cambodian currupted immigration
by: Manjula


I have just returned back from Cambodia after 2 Day visit. This is our experience during the visit. Actually I and one of my friend wanted to see Angkor Temple and Ta prom temple complex. That is the only major thing you can visit in Cambodia. Since both of us working in Malaysia we were able to get the visa from Cambodian embassy. So we thought we have done and as per the schedule we have arrived to seam reap airport on 1st Feb 2015. In immigration we have faced to bitter experience which we didn't face in any other country we have visited. Immediately realizing we are from Sri Lanka, immigration officer handed over us to their immigration police saying our Country is in their so called "Black list" category, once we asked the reason for that they said my country is a terrorist country.
I have checked their "Black list" and found my country's name among all Afgan, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, etc ... what I have noticed is all the countries except Sri Lanka are famous Islam countries and having internal conflicts but my country is neither Islam nor terrorist country like they said so it is unclear why they consider My country is like that. After an arguing with immigration officers nearly one hour they have tried their second trump card, they have asked us to show 1000 USD in cash. Again we had to do the same thing and showed them to online bank account balance. During the time they did a big drama like taking photos of both of us, photo copying all our previous visas, asking "genuine purpose to visit :)", questioning us like they caught terrorists ... etc. ... Finally they said we are clear to go and asked some "Tip" means bribe but we didn't give any single dollar to them and left the airport. Cambodian people is very humble and actually they struggling to find their day to day expenses, but because of this kind of extremely corrupted immigration officers most of the tourists are not recommending Cambodia as a good place to visit. Funny thing is immigration officers ask bribe even during the departure stamp. Simply they are asking bribe in arrival and departure as well. My main concern is why they classified our country as a dangerous terror country which is clearly not. Because of this I have decided to write to our foreign ministry, my personal view is we should not allow other countries to tarnishing our country's name like that. Honestly Sri Lanka is well developed country than Cambodia. But we have to have strong foreign policy to overcome this kind of issues and gain more value to our passport.

Feb 03, 2015
by: D.

That's awful, sorry to hear that. I'm wordless, but I think I can understand how you feel. I would be very angry and feel bad about the country and the people.
Hope you are not given a hard time if you ever visit Laos in the future.

Feb 22, 2015
Laos and Cambodia
by: Kumar Perera

I too have faced a lot of difficulty trying to get a visa to go to Laos and Cambodia. They treat Sri Lankan passport holders like we are some sort of terrorists and try to ask us for bribes.

I am very surprised by this. Why should we go to a country that makes it so difficult for us? Also a country that is underdeveloped. Why on earth would Sri Lankans want to try and live in poverty in Cambodia or Laos? It is very confusing.

I'd advise Sri Lankans to go elsewhere and avoid these two countries.

Mar 06, 2015
Cambodia Visa
by: Udaya

I have traveled many times in Thailand and next visit on this April, before see all this comments I thought I'll travel to Cambodia too during this trip. now I gave up my idea already. We are travelling to another country for relax and end enjoy, if they such belittle us we better not going to their country to spend our money. thanks for everyone who sharing your experience

Apr 07, 2015
by: Vipula Jayasinghe

(07/08/2015)we came to Chau Doc City from Hu Chi Ming City Viet Nam to get the tourists Visa to Cambidia then after to Laos but I didnt know that we Sri Lankan canot obtain Visa to Cambodia and Laos.I think there might have Valid reason.Anyway I am really disapointed.Its our governmet should maintain healthy bialateral relations with all the Countries.I will let you know the reason why they belittle humiliate descriminate Sri Lankan passport.I dont know yet that which side to be blamed.I think I have not done my homework properly.

Apr 11, 2015
by: Athula

We actually should blame ourselves for not being able to easily travel the world. First it was during civil war many people left on boats and using illegal documents to other places for different reasons. And the way our politicians and FOREIGN MINISTRY officials behaved during last few decades were not so impressive either.
Now it's time that the current Government/Ministry of Foreign Affairs do the right thing by appealing all the countries to relax visa regulations for Sri Lankan Passport holders as we can surely justfy the reasons. WE no more have a civil war and now it's highly unlikely that any one who are well traveled will brake any immigration laws of another country.

Sep 01, 2015
Deeply surprised
by: jacolyn

I, have traveled to Vietnam on several occassions and found the country to be very welcoming,similarly I, was making my plans to travel to Cambodia and Laos since I,am under the impression that Lao and Cambodia would be an ideal place to visit in the asia pacific region.

Reading the above comments my plans to visit the above two countries have just been shattered into peiices and I, have no more plans to chose these destinations to spend my resources for my vacation. Instead I would chose a better country where we would be warmly welcome and there are so many other places which we could visit.

Srilanka is a highly developed country in the asian subcontinent with an over whelming literacy rate,undoubtedly Srilanka is a wonderful paradise Isle, where all people live in peace and harmony, its high time our government took productive steps to build up good ties with Lao & Cambodia.

Jan 10, 2016
No to Cambodia
by: Freedom Traveller

Thank you very much for your information.
I was about to book Cambodian trip in short period via Expedia.
After read all the comments, i’ve decided not to visit there. BTW, I will never step in to Cambodia till our country name being cleared. Utmost, people are going there for holidays, not for the unnecessary stress and interrogation session.
As a traveller, we visit their countries (ie. Laos and Cambodia) to boost their economy but saddening part they will remain poor without tourism.
Really hope that Sri Lanka Foreign Minister clears our country name from the "blacklisted" so that poor country don’t tarnished our good name.

Feb 15, 2016
Laos & Cambodia
by: Anonymous

Dear All Fellow Sri Lankan

I live in Thailand. Surprisingly these two countries are having strange felling towards Sri Lanka. The best is to avoid travelling these two destinations as they're so called poor nations with no opportunity in doing business or any thing. If they were doing this to us, Sri Lanka must treat these two countries worst manner. Two of poorest nations in Asean block.

Feb 21, 2016
Cambodia Visa on Arrival
by: Aravinth Ramalingam

I'm writing this from Siem Reap airport in Cambodia. Actually Cambodian visa will cost around $200 when you apply through a travel agent in Sri Lanka because there's no embassy in SL and they need to send it to Delhi so they include cost for clearance from immigration and courier charges. The best and cheap option which i took (though it takes a bit of time) is to take a bus from BKK to Siem Reap (this is where Angkor temple is). At the Thai Border (poi pet) apply for the Cambodian visa. You need to carry the air ticket out of Cambodia and hotel bookings. It only cost me 35$. Alternatively if you fly to Phnom Penh airport you can get the visa on arrival. Sri Lankans are eligible for visa on arrival but not for e-visa.

Feb 22, 2016
See? Not all that bad
by: Duangpy

Aravinth Ramalingam,

Thanks for sharing the info, this will be much helpful for many.

After all, it's not all that bad. You need to get prepared before arriving though, such as have your return ticket ready, have your hotel booked or at least come up with a name of hotel (you need to fill that in immigration form or visa form). Even if you haven't got your hotel booked, you can put any hotel name in (well known one probably). They may ask to see your return ticked, but from my experience they don't ask to see the proof of hotel booking (although I can enter Cambodia visa free, I still need to clear immigration the same way as the rest.

To sum it up, you need to be able to provide what's required by the authority.

Mar 15, 2016
Visa On Arrival
by: Anonymous

Are you certain that Sri Lankan passport holders can get visa on arrival? I am currently studying in Malaysia, and plan to travel to Cambodia soon. I've been trying to get the visa fees and figure out how long it would take but so far no luck! Any info anyone could provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 18, 2016
Visa on arrival
by: Akila

I would like to know if I can get tourst visa on arrival, if any of you tried it before?

Mar 18, 2016
Cambodian visa
by: Manjula

Seems above two people didn't read the all previous comments carefully. Specially that student, if you want to face unnecessary interrogations from Cambodian immigration yes that's your call....

Importantly there is no on arrival visa for Sri Lankan passport holders.


Mar 24, 2016
All the info is already here
by: Duangpy

Manjula, you're right. And thanks for contributing to the post. Most, if not all, the needed info is here, but many people don't read it through. I don't mind answering posts, but often I'm busy and can't answer immediately so that they might not get info in time.

Apr 01, 2016
Visa cambodiya
by: Rath

In 2013 six of us visited Malaysia,Cambodia and Vietnam.We were able to get visa for Cambodia through a travel agent in Colombo for SLR 7000 each. In seam Rep airport they have asked for bribe (they called it as Tip money)and we had to give USD 20 for immigration Officials despite we had valid visa.Later I have made a complain to foreign Ministry Cambodia and they have send me a mail assuring inquiry on that.

May 02, 2016
getting Laos Visa
by: Prabath

I am a Sri Lankan passport holder living in Colombo and I visited Laos November 2015 from Bangkok. I got my laos Visa from Laos Embassy in Bangkok. I had booked a train ticket (Overnight sleeper) from Bangkok to NongKhai (near lao border). But at first, authorities said Visa can not be granted If I go by the train, but If I can show a return Airticket they will grant the Visa. I had to get an airticket (LKR 25000) for this matter and finally flew to Laos. Authorities were very rude and they tried hard not to grant me a Visa.(Asked to Submit Credit Card Copy too).But never gave up :)

Aug 22, 2016
Cambodia - Sri Lankans, It's NOT worth the embarrassment
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sri Lankan passport holder and had a similar embarrassing experience like others in this forum. The Cambodian immigration look at us like criminals. IT'S NOT WORTH going through the embarrassment.

If you Google Ankor Wat temples (what all they have) you see similar pictures like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. I think we have a rich history, culture and better ancient places to look at.

Visit Thailand instead, because both Cambodia and Thailand has lot of similarities and much better. And most of all they respect Sri Lanka. And our history shows there have been a long standing relationship with Kingdom of Siam.

Proud to be a Sri Lankan!

Sep 23, 2016
Srilankans live with high dignity
by: Anonymous

Its really embarassing to read through the embarrasing stories we SRILANKANS are obliged face in such poor countries like Laos and Cambodia, the best answer in my opinion is to avoid and obliterate these countries from the list we have in hand to visit, Srilankans circumnavigate the earth, all year round as most of other rich countries do, we are proud of our people and and we are a peace loving people, who will always forgive the ones who humiliate us because our Buddhism is for the ones with good intelligence.

The only solution to combat this matter is just delete them from the list and spend your precious time and holidays in places who are so welcoming to us in the Asia Pacific region.

Oct 26, 2016
Meaning meaning of "a letter of guarantee"
by: Anonymous

What is the meaning of "a letter of guarantee"

Nov 03, 2016
Cambodia and Lao are bad news for genuine Sri Lankan travellers
by: Anonymous

I am a Sri Lankan based in Thailand and I have had the same experience Manjula had at the hands of the Cambodian Immigration (that whole country being quite a "wild west" as it is) - especially at the Siem Reap airport. I have since met Sri Lankans resident abroad who have travelled to Cambodia and they have experienced the same - sometimes worse. Some were even nearly deported despite having hotel bookings, etc. Some were questioned like criminals at the Bangkok check-in counters.
As Manjula did or said he would, I wrote to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Bangkok which covers Cambodia and Lao PDR. It seems the President/Foreign Minister needs to make an intervention in this regard. Apparently the Cambodians were requested to be vigilant during the LTTE era due to people smuggling/trafficking activities.
I agree with some who say don't go where we are not welcome. The unfortunate thing is that the number of countries that are further tightening their requirements to insane levels, which only seem to affect genuine travellers, is on the rise.

Dec 27, 2016
Cambodia Visa
by: Ayodhya

I visited Cambodia last march. Got the visa through the embassy in Cingapore. Which is a very straightforward process if you have a return ticket. They will grant you a visa in 2 days. with an additional payment you can get it done in one day as well. Cost for normal service was 50 singapore dollars.

We faced some questioning at the Siem Reap airport, we were taken into a room to re process our documents. But we were granted a stay for 7 days without much delay. And authorities at Phnom Penh asked whether we had to pay bribes at Siem Reap. I think if you fly to Phnom Penh you will not find that much of a a hassle.

And Siem Reap is totally worth it. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa is great. But Angkor Wat is just mind blowing. It is 100 times bigger than the temples in Anuradhapura.. It is totally worth the trouble.

Jan 10, 2017
For Srilankans : What are the documents are needed
by: Harsha Panagoda

What are the documents are needed for obtained Cambodia Visa ( At Singapore )

Jan 11, 2017
Reg: Cambodian Visa
by: Anonymous

I live in Hong Kong and I got my Cambodian visa with in few min on the same day. Again the immigration officers took me inside the room and asked me for original documents(Definitely looking for bribe). I told them clearly that I have some one waiting for me and there is no requirements to carry any documents except the passport and visa. If you have any problem talk to Cambodian consulate in HK. Rather than avoiding these countries. I would say face them. And Cambodia or Laos is not even worth for Asylum seekers. Their currency is much lower than us. And these immigration officers bribe every one(Especially Chinese/Japanese/Korean). Its good to face them with a boldness rather than avoiding them. Please visit these countries. Prove those people the we are far better than them. And invite them to Sri Lanka to know how our people are.

Jan 11, 2017
Getting visa to Cambodia
by: Anonymous


I am a Sri Lankan needs to visit cambodia for an official meeting. Is there anyone who can tell me am I eligible to get on arrival visa? or what's the visa regulation. I have the official invitation from Cambodia.


Jan 12, 2017
Sri Lankan can get visa on arrival for Cambodiad
by: Duangpy

According to this website you're not eligible for Cambodian visa on arrival.

Feb 01, 2017
If you go through the Thailand Cambodia border crossing
by: Buddhi

If you go through the Thailand Cambodia border crossing, it will not be a problem. With extra 500 bath you can get the visa easily. But srilanka is in blacklisted list for sure. Laos also same. Pay extra money for the brokers around the border crossing. There we go. Simple as that.

Feb 01, 2017
Is that possible?
by: Anonymous

Hi Buddhi,
That sounds very easy, is it possible?
Did you have the first hand experience or you heard from someone? Sorry to ask this, but this kind of information can be misleading and can get people into trouble if it is not true.

I wouldn't mess up with authority.

Feb 12, 2017
Write to Foreign Ministry
by: abetterlkpassport

Hey guys, I think we should be putting this matter to the foreign ministry. you can lodge a grievance directly to my3:
It takes only 5 minutes and atleast they are oblidged to look into improving this situation.

Feb 19, 2017
Cambodia visa for Sri Lankan citizens
by: Manjula

I have already lodged the concern,


Dear Customer,
Your grievance MFA/2017/N/000003 will be forwarded to Ministry of Foreign Affairs!. Please call GIC(1919) to follow up.


Mar 06, 2017
cambodia visas from Vietnam to Sri Lankans
by: chandra

We are hoping to visit Vietnam in April and hope to visit Cambodia. Can anyone advise us how to get visas for Sri lankans

Mar 16, 2017
Cambodian Visa by Agencies in Sri Lanka
by: Charith

Best thread that I found on the subject!

Well, for me my sis is living in Cambodia and I thought of visiting. So have to go even though the country is corrupted.

- My sis said it's a hassle to get through unless you pay a bribe. But maybe it's possible if I travel to Vietnam first and apply from there.

- One travel agency said they don't do Cambodia.

- The other said it will take 3 weeks to courier the PP to Bangkok and return it back

Help from anyone with firsthand experience is much appreciated.


Apr 18, 2017
Lodged a complaint
by: Asi

I also just lodged a complaint. MFA/2017/N/000009 - (NOT_ASSIGNED. Guys please take five minutes to do so. This might be a situation we can rectify in the near future if we draw enough attention

Apr 22, 2017
Cambodian Visa
by: CheaWin

Dear All Sri Lankan Families & Friends!

Thanks for sharing your information and it’s very useful message to proof our both government (Cambodia & Sri Lanka) & the Foreign Ministry Officials to work more harder!

I really shameful when i heard every one talk about Cambodian Corrupted Immigration.... i won’t reject as i seen many complaints from the traveller in the past but i do hope this bad experience will not last longer, THEIR ACTION WILL NOT REPRESENT FOR OUR CAMBODIAN GOOD HEART.

But don’t worry, we could help you to get a Visa Guarantee Letter to support your Cambodia Visa on arrival via Phnom Penh or Siem Reap International Airport. This process will need at least 30 days before traveling by provide us support document such as; copy passport, return air ticket & address stay in Cambodia.
For information, please send us via email:

May 01, 2017
Can I get Laos visa in thailand?
by: Buddhike wijerathne

I am a sri Lankan passport holder. Can I get Laos visa in Thailand? In addition I have 6 months multiple Thailand visa too.

May 01, 2017
Laos Visa
by: Anonymous

Yes you can get Laos visa in Thailand. Please write me for further information. Thanks

May 06, 2017

I'm a Sri Lankan Businessman who travel to many countries always. I want to travel cambodia and spend two weeks over there. I am hoping to travel within this month.
But There is no Cambodian embasy in Sri Lanka to obtain the visa. Different websites say different ways to apply the visa(Ex-E vIsa, on arival vIsa, Go to cambodia embasy in india).
Please advice what is the proper way to apply it .

1)Can I obtain E visa to Enter Cambodia?
2)Is it visa can be obtained on arrival and in which cambodian airports they issue on arrival visa?
3)How many days we can stay there ?
4)How much is for the visa?

Thank You.
You can inbox or email me the answers

May 06, 2017

I'm a Sri Lankan Businessman who travel to many countries always. I want to travel cambodia and spend two weeks over there. I am hoping to travel within this month.
But There is no Cambodian embasy in Sri Lanka to obtain the visa. Different websites say different ways to apply the visa(Ex-E vIsa, on arival vIsa, Go to cambodia embasy in india).
Please advice what is the proper way to apply it .

1)Can I obtain E visa to Enter Cambodia?
2)Is it visa can be obtained on arrival and in which cambodian airports they issue on arrival visa?
3)How many days we can stay there ?
4)How much is for the visa?

Thank You.
You can inbox or email me the answers

Sep 05, 2017
We can help you with guarantee letter
by: Mekong DMC

Dear fellow Sri Lankans,

We can issue guarantee letter for you to enter our country.

It's a pity that our government has this rules to restrict the visa, however there is a way out. We can apply your visa and having done so for over 10 years.

Our people has so much in common (the beliefs, characteristics and lots of smile).

You can call or whatsapp me: +85512342778

We look forward to welcome you here! (with our smile, of course)

Nov 18, 2017
need more infor
by: Anonymous

hello everyone,

I have read all the comments out here and they are very helpful. i am planning a trip to Cambodia and then do a border cross to Laos and then to Vietnam . i emailed the Cambodia embassy they informed me that i can obtain a e-visa and provided me with a link. this looks legit and i think i can obtain the e-visa. However getting to Laos is the pain. so far i cant find a place to obtain visa and it shows that i cannot do the border cross. i have no clue how to do that. does any one have any information in this regard who can assist? or should i drop Laos and just head to Vietnam instead?

Nov 18, 2017
Yes you can. All 3 countries together.
by: Buddhi

Good news is now Cambodia allows Sri Lankan passport holders on arrival visa at the airport as well as the Thai Cambodia boarder crossing. You can get the Vietnamese visa at the Vietnam embassy in Colombo. Laos is a peaceful and must watch country if you are a Buddhist. You can get the Laos visa at the Laos embassy in Thailand. One day fast service will be Ideal. They don't allow border crossing. They are asking a air ticket for the visa process. But you can try with a dummy E-ticket on Thai airways. No worries you can get it done and you can cross the boarder by that visa.very recent I used that method. But fortunately I am having a Thai multiple visa.

Nov 19, 2017
more info
by: waseem


thank you very much for your reply. yes i am well aware that i could obtain Cambodian visa prior online. but my concerns are Laos. There is a Laos consulate in Cambodia and i am thinking of obtaining the Laos visa from Cambodia. however i definitely want to do the border cross. this is where i need help. i want to make sure that i can cross the border from cambodia to laos. anyone has any information they would like to share?

Nov 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

As long as you have a valid visa stamped in your passport, you can enter Laos via air or ground. However, Laos embassy will require you to provide a valid return air ticket at the time of applying for the visa. So whether or not you want to cancel (or not use) that ticket after obtaining the visa and cross the border via land is totally up to you.

Nov 20, 2017
More info
by: Waseem

Hmmm. So i just need to provide a valid air ticket. I was going to do the birder cross from laos to Vietnam. By the looks of it i just need to get there by air. And provide the flight ticket to the embassy. How do you can confirm that a sri lankan passport holder can use the laos visa and cross by land?

Nov 20, 2017
Can get the visa
by: Buddhi

Just prepare a dummy ticket from Thai airways. Embassy of Laos in Thailand will request your bank statements and copies of your original credit cards. Just take photocopies of them. Hotel booking needed. Just do that by use pat at the hotel option. They will send you the original booking details. That will be enough for the visa thing. It cost 1000bath for the normal visa. It will take 2 days. Fast visa with in one day. Just 1600bath. I did same way. Many times. I traveled to Laos by train from bangkok. Returned the same way. Visa valid and no issues. Don't worry man every border crossing there are pimps. They will get the visa without any documents. You need to pay extra money only. Few years ago Cambodia never allowed Sri Lankan people to get the visa in anyway. But I crossed the border few times with valid visa. Provided by pimps and relevant immigration officers. You will understand when you go to the borders. All the Iraqi and Iranian people cross the borders and travel those countries everyday. Using same pimp help and with a valid visa. Because that's very important because when you return same immigration officer will be not there. Then you have to pay again. With a valid visa no issue. Valid visa will provide by the pimps around the border with the help of some immigration officers. That's the nature of boarder crossing.

Nov 20, 2017
more info
by: waseem

hey Buddi and the rest,

thank you very much for your informations. its very much appreciated. however i have worked things out and hopefully can travel without an issue.

so, by far what i have researched and gathered, i will be arriving to cambodia straight by air. so there is a laos and vietnam embassy in cambodia where i am going to get the visas for those countries.

for cambodia we can get e-visa online. for laos visa im planning to get in cambodia, and same with the vietnam visa even though we can get vietnam visa on arrival or online. but since i want to do the border cross embassy informed me that getting the visa from the embassy can get me to cross from any land points and enter to vietnam. if i get an e-visa i can only use it to enter through airport.

anyways i will work things out and let you guys know how things went. well wont be going till next april.

you guys are pretty cool and thank you very much for all the support.

Nov 20, 2017
by: Buddhi

Waseem, online visa to Vietnam cost a lot and many fake website. Please proceed to Vietnamese embassy in colombo. You Can Get The Visa IN 5 days. 8500LKR only. Online visa for Sri Lanka passport cost 150US$. Because our passport in a special list. And no confirmation for the visa. But Vietnamese embassy in colombo, very helpful and they will guide you to finish your visa thing. I did my own visa thing without any issues

Nov 20, 2017
by: Prabath

Also, Keep 500$ ready when entering back to Thailand from Laos. Just a tip. I was asked when returning that way. Have a happy trip!!

Nov 20, 2017
by: waseem

guys, i wont be travelling from thailand or from colombo. so there is no chance for me to get the visa from lankan embassy. if you are stating online visa is expensive. i will double check it. however my plan is to get the vietnam visa from cambodia not from colombo or thailand. i only need to know how long would it take to process the visa from cambodia as i will only be staying for a week in cambodia.

if you guys have been to cambodia any recommendation of places to visit? i would like to do some treks and hikes including laos.

thanks guys.

this thread is going from 2013 and have so many information.

Nov 20, 2017
Re: Wassim
by: Anonymous

Vietnam visa is going to take at least 5 working days via the embassy. As previous posts suggest, your best option would be to get it from Colombo since there's a Vietnam embassy. Specially since you're only going to be in Cambodia for a week and also planning to apply for the Laos visa there. Good chance you won't be able to do both in one week. Even if you can, why risk having your passport stuck in a embassy while travelling. Just get your visa in Colombo. Good Luck!

Nov 27, 2017
Cambodian visa
by: Pasan

If I fly to Cambodia from Vietnam will I be able to visa on arrival at PP?


Nov 30, 2017
Yes, if you are eligible
by: Anonymous

If your country is not in the list of non-eligible for Cambodia visa on arrival you'll be able to get visa at the airport.

Dec 02, 2017
VISA on arrival in Cambodia?
by: Kamz

Yo guys!
Wikipedia and IATA tells us that Sri Lankan Citizen can get visa on arrival in Cambodia. Anyone here who have travelled and can confirm?

Dec 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

According to Wikipedia Visa on arrival is there for Srilanka at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airport.
Anyone can confirm?

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