Laos girlfriend driving my Thai register truck in Laos

by John

I am looking for some advice please if anyone can help, I live in Thailand with my girlfriend of 4 years and is a Laos national.

She has her own car registered in Thailand with the correct purple passport and all paperwork in her name, yet Laos says she can not take it into Laos?

I have my truck with purple passport and all correct documents that I have taken over and driven around Laos no problem, my girlfriend took the truck to visit family and got refused? They say a Laos national can not bring a Thai registered car into Laos even a rental? Is this true? It's all a bit strange why nobody tells you the Thai side if this is true!

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Oct 22, 2019
A hard to answer question
by: Anonymous

As you said, your girlfriend is a Lao national but owns a Thai registered car. It's kind of miss-match in the eye of the officials because (I guess) this scenario may not be listed in the rules or guidelines that officials can follow.'s easier for them to reject than trying to figure out what to do, or whether or not they should let her bring in the car.

It is not easy for us to know or to find out what the rules are since even the officials themselves don't even have fix rules to follow, and even if they have they don't follow strictly, there'd always be exceptions or a way around it. To be honest, even if I know what the rules are I'd be hesitant to share as you may know the rules aren't always followed.

To sum it up, we don't know for sure what you can do in your scenario. I have no direct experience on this matter so no idea.

Your girlfriend might need to consult with the officials and dig into the root of the issue and ask for their advice. You never know they might already have a way around it, you only need to ask.

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