Laos visa upon arrival in Vientiane

I have 11/2 hrs. between flights ,arriving from Bangkok on my way to Lung I have enough time in Vientiane airport to get my visa. Thanks, Ruth Carol


Hi there,

If you have 1 and a half hours that's plenty of time because:
1. Getting visa on arrival takes around 15 minutes (not more than 30 minutes in worse case).
2. The domestic terminal (building)is right beside the international building that takes 2 minutes walk.
3. If you booked your domestic ticket at the same time you booked your international ticket to Vientiane, and the Lao Airline are aware that they have passenger for connecting flight then they will wait for you (if you happen to run late). I've seen Lao Airline staff leading passengers from the international arrival terminal to the domestic terminal in many occasions.

I'm sure you have enough time, I'm positive.

Have a nice journey.

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