New Zealand passport holder

by Lee Oliver
(Laung Prabang)

I am over 30 days stay in Laos,

And will possibly stay another 30 plus days, what do i do, to avoid getting black marked in my pasport.

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Oct 22, 2015
Get your visa renewed
by: Duangpy

Hi Lee Oliver,

I would suggest you get your visa renewed as soon as you can. You said you already over stayed now, right?

It is always better to have your visa extended than to leave it to expire and you end up paying the stiff fines at the end even though you may not have black mark on your passport for it.

If you continue to stay without having your visa extended, it is not a serious crime, but you'll have to pay a fine when you leave the country ($10 a day for the days you over stayed).

If you have it extended, you only pay $2 a day, and you can have a maximum of 30 days stay. If you want stay longer you can have it extended again. So... in total you can have it extended twice.

You can go to the immigration office in Luang Prabang to do this. The office is located on Monomai Road about two blocks south of Phousi Hill.

Here are what required:
- Your passport
- One passport type photo
- Service fee of around US$3 (this is the fee in VTE, not sure if it's the same in LPB)
- You need to pay for application form (a few thousands kip)
- Visa extension fee: $2 per day for the days you want to extend plus US$10 per day (for overstayed days, if any).

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