Picture size for Lao arrival visa for Canadian


I am Canadian citizen, and I will travel to Laos by air to Luang Prabang airport and would like to know the exact photo size and number of photo need for arrival visa application.
Some say one, some say two photos.
Same for the size: some form showed 2.5'' x 2.5'' some 3 x 2.5 (cm or inches?) and some say passport size (dif. from US and Canada)
Thank you for your help

Alain Vo

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Oct 30, 2015
Size that fits in the box will do
by: Duangpy

Yes, I agree. It's confusing.

However, if you look at it logically, the border of the box on the application form implies the approximate size of the photo regardless of the numbers written in the box. If your photo fits in the box or a bit overlaps the box's border it should be OK.

You're right, some forms indicate 2.5 x 3, and some say 2 x 2 or 2.5 x 2.5, but they don't say inch or cm. I think these are in inch (too small if they were in cm, but 2.5x3 inch will be too big to fit in the space provided).

Anyway, in practice (in Laos) the size that most used is 4 x 5cm around 1.5 x 2in. If you have 2"x2" or 2"x2.5" that will be ok. The officers in visa on arrival booth will trim it if need to.

The number of photos required is usually 2, however, in Laos things are often flexible. For example if you happen to have only one photo, the officer may just says ok, but I'd rather be prepared (have 2 photos) just in case you run into a not so-nice officer.

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