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Feb 19, 2018
BKK Laos embassy
by: Joso

Hello there,
I've been living in Thailand for 1 year now, I also had to do visa run to Laos a few times. This runs between end of 2016 to the mid 17'. I had no problem at getting my visa from Laos embassy in Bangkok. Hand my docs, pay the fee and get it within a few hours.

Although, I wanted to go to Laos again end of December but officer said ''No visa for Turkish people, new law. Come 3 weeks later, is ok.'' So i thought i was something to do with Chrismas day and new year.. thus today i tried to apply for visa again and this time officer said ''rules for TR citizen has been changed, If i want to get Laos visa I should apply and wait 3 weeks for approval.

Could you give me some information about new Laos visa laws and why regulations has been changed? Will they remain the same way or it's just temporary?

Thank you very much.

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