Visa-on-arrival at the overland border crossing Dong Kralor - Veun Kham

by Diana


I am a Portuguese citizen but I am currently travelling in Cambodia, in Sihanoukvile at the time.

I have tried to call the Lao embassy in Phnom Phen to get up-to-date information but have been out of luck in reaching them.

I have read and heard different stories, so my question is:

Is it NOW possible to get a LAOS visa-on-arrival at the overland border crossing with Cambodia, Dong Calor - Veun Kham?

Please, I strongly appreciate your help as I can't seem to get an answer from anyone!

Thank you so much,




Hi Diana,

I'm please to receive email from my site visitors and happy if I can help in any way. Thanks for writing.

Here is the answer to your question:

YES, it is possible to get a Lao visa-on-arrival at the overland border crossing Dong Kralor - Veun Kham. I confirm.

The visa-on-arrival has been made possible for tourists a long while ago. It had been featured on local newspaper. I know some websites still say it's not possible to get the visa at the border. I understand that it's confusing and hard to know who to believe, but you can be sure that it's now possible I'm hundred percent sure.

For the benefit of other travelers who may be in the same situation, could I ask you to let me know how it goes when/if you come to Laos crossing that border? It will be very much appreciated.

All the best,

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Nov 26, 2018
by: Duangpy

Hi Reddo,

I'm not sure which post you referred to, however, I can confirm that the Lao visa on arrival is available at the Cambodia - Lao border crossing point. It's been available for a long time (since 2011 if I remember correctly) and nothing has changed since. You can be sure.
hope this helps,

Nov 26, 2018
Cambodia to Laos visa on arrival
by: Reddo


I am hoping to travel by motorcycle from Cambodia to Laos at Dong Kralor border crossing.

I read the recent update that it is possible to get a Laos visa on arrival. Could you confirm the date of that posting as it does not say when this was. Also, the person replying says it has been ok for a long time. Yet, I have heard conflicting reports; that it is only possible to get a visa if travelling south into Cambodia.

Thanks for the info so far and hope to hear any updates from travelers...


Jul 18, 2018
Thanks for sharing useful info
by: Duangpy

That's great, very informative, I'm sure it will be very helpful for fellow travelers who plan to cross the Laos-Cambodia border.

Thanks for taking the time to share.

Jul 18, 2018
Laos to Cambodia report 2018
by: Colin

Thought it might be useful to post my recent experience crossing the border into Cambodia on July 14, 2018.

My girlfriend and I were staying on Don Det in the 4000 islands area in Laos so we had to take a ferry back to the town on the mainland, Nakasong, which cost 15,000 kips each (30,000 if taking the boat alone). We walked to the bus station and bought a ticket to the Cambodian Border which cost 65,000 kip each and left at 10 am.

We had already reserved a spot on a bus that picks you up on the Cambodian side and takes you to Siem Reap. The company is called AVT and I recommend d them above the public bus because AVT is supposed to be much faster. $20 USD each.

Crossing the border was relatively easy. Got stamped out of Laos with a $2 fee and then promptly fell for a scam that luckily turned out not to be too bad. There was a guy at a card table sitting right in front of the window of the Load office so we thought he was legit. We gave him our passports and filled out the visa on arrival forms for Cambodia and paid the $38 each. He got on his moped and told us to meet him at the Cambodian embassy which is about 500m down the road. He gave our passports back after being stamped but not dated. We had to go back in and get our photo and fingerprints. Then they stamped us into Cambodia with no extra fee. Also no health check - perhaps there was no health official there that day.

Didn't see a listed price for the visa on arrival at the embassy but we had read on blogs that it's $35 each.

We then went over and paid for our bus tickets and waited for the buses to fill up. Left at noon and got to Stung Treng for lunch around 1:30. Left there at 3 pm and got to Siem Reap at 7:45 pm. They give you a free Tuk Tuk ride to your hotel which is nice except the driver tries to sell you more rides.

Aug 22, 2017
my border crossing experience
by: David Bartlett

I crossed the Veun Kham - Dong Kralor border crossing in the Laos to Cambodia direction. I was on a bus travelling from Vientianne to Phnom Penh. The crossing went smoothly for most of us. We called it The One Dollar Crossing because the Laos authorities wanted one dollar to stamp our passports, the Cambodian officials wanted one dollar to process our visa applications (in addition to the $30 fee) and the second lot of Cambodian officials wanted one dollar to look at our visas. A major problem for two English travellers on our bus was that they only had a $100 note. The Cambodian officials said they had to change it into something smaller. They did this at the official money exchange booth next door and were given counterfeit notes. The Cambodian officials refused to accept the notes. The money exchange people suddenly could not speak English and claimed they were not the notes they had handed over so the girls were stranded. Another traveller on our bus leant them some money but otherwise they were stuck. My advice is to take the correct change and a few one dollar bills to spare.

Sep 16, 2015
There buses at the border
by: Duangpy

Hi Ling,

At the Cambodia-Laos border there are minivans, and buses, but you need to catch one in town of Kratie or the next town up in Cambodia like Kompong Cham. Don't try to go to the border hoping to take a bus or taxi from there, it's highly likely that you'll not find anything.

Even in the Cambodia border town, keep in mind that there aren't many transportation options so... you need to survey or give yourself plenty of time. It would be better if you can stay overnight in the border town so you can arrange the transportation to the border before hand or even better if you travel by bus straight from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to cross the border to Laos. There are international buses between Cambodia and Laos (from Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to Pakse in Laos).

Sep 15, 2015
how about transport at the border
by: ling

I plan to cross the border from Cambodia to Laos in December. I want to know how hard to get into town from Laos border. Thanks

Jan 11, 2015
only one border crossing point for Cambodia/Laos
by: D.

Hi Marzia,

Stung Treng is a border town in Cambodia while Dong Kralor is the border crossing point.

Dong Kralor - Veun Kham border is some times referred to as Stung Treng border. So... if you're confused, just keep in mind that there is only one border crossing point for Cambodia - Laos, that's is Dong Kralor - Veun Kham regardless of what it's referred to.

Jan 10, 2015
Dong Kralor - Veun Kham border crossing
by: Marzia

Can ask some update about visa on arrival in Dong Kralor - Veun Kham? I will be there on february..
I only heard about Stung Treng border, even in my lonely planet is the only possibility to obtain a visa from Cambodia to Laos.
I will be happy to receive some comments, thank you!

Jan 10, 2015
overland border
by: doriana

Lily, 非常感谢 !


Dec 28, 2014
Yes, visa available both sides
by: Lily

I'm a Chinese passport holder, I just crossed that border to Laos from Cambodia last week and got the visa at the border. I met another Chinese in Cambodia who crossed the same border from Laos and got Cambodian visa at the border.

Dec 28, 2014
Visa on arrival Veun Kham/Dom Kralor
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone!

Is it possible now to get a visa at this border?
I enter Laos from Cambodia.
I will appreciate if anyone can answer me!
Thank you in advance.


Apr 22, 2013
Lebanese citizen crossing Laos-Cambodia borders
by: Gio


I was in Don Det (4000islands) last week, trying to figure it out, fell on ur inquiry, didn't find any comforting answers tho, So I went for it !
As a Lebanese, u can get a 30 days visa on the borders, for the usual 28$ fee. (Don't forget to bring a photo p ).
You can find morning buses from the islands or Pakse to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Always expect nothing close to an accurate timing there, but still, I recon, that's where the fun part is ; )
Your other option is applying on-line for an E-visa (3 working days, 28$) n flying out of Pakse (south Laos) to Siem Reap (north Cambodia).


Feb 14, 2013
by: D.


It is totally understandable, I would also be uncomfortable to rely on something or someone while others say the opposite.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has the same citizenship as you that has done the visa, so anything I say might be just a repetitive.

Feb 13, 2013
Lebanese citizen crossing Laos-Cambodia borders
by: Alexandra

I first want to say that this website was of a big help for me in organizing my trip to southeast Asia.
So it's clear for me that visa on arrival are available from both sides. But what I have noticed is that all the articles and comments I read only mention EU and US citizens.
As a Lebanese I can have a visa on arrival for Lao and Cambodia (Visa requirements for Lebanese citizens - Wikipedia). But with all the confusion going on, I'm not so comfortable just relying on the info on the web.
If anyone has any experience or heard about a Lebanese crossing this border, I will very much appreciate if you can share the information with me.



Oct 20, 2012
Cambodia Evisa at Dong Kralor crossing
by: D.Phothisane

Hi Anthony,

As far as I'm aware, you can't cross the border from Laos to Cambodia with Evisa, so the best bet is to get visa on arrival at the border.

Cambodia Evisa info is available here

Hope this help.

Good luck,

Oct 20, 2012
Laos to Cambodia at Dong Kralor
by: Anthony

We are travelling with our two children and intend to cross from Laos to Cambodia at Dong Kralor. Will the Cambodian EVisa allow us to cross here or should we go for the VOA? Is VOA available??

Sep 08, 2012
Yes, VOA is still available
by: D.Phothisane

Hello Matthias,

Yes, it is still possible to get an on arrival visa at Dong Kralor. Nothing changes so you can be sure to get an on entry visa at that border.

Thanks for visiting,

Aug 27, 2012
On Arrival Visa Cambodia to Laos?
by: Matthias

Hi? Is it still possible to get an on arrival visa when I cross te border at Dong Kralor,....FROM Cambodia TO Laos?
Wanna cross there in November.

Thank you for your help!

Greetings Matthias

Apr 01, 2012
No visa required but you need to have a passport
by: Anonymous

As a Cambodian you don't need to get a visa to enter Laos, but you need to have a passport. No passport no entry no exception.


Mar 12, 2012
I have no passport !! Can I go to Vientiane?
by: ChamPich

Dear sir,

I am Cambodian and i plan to visit in Vientiane in Khmer New Year by Bus transportion company. I have no Passport for travel oversea but I heard that we can do visa processing of permission to across Cambodia - Lao as the bus mentions, they don't responsible visa for passenger.

could anybody tell me about how to do visa?
- what documentation/information should I prepare?

- how much its fee to access visa (for 1 week in Vientiane?

- could we do visa (Cambodia-Lao) directly in Phom Penh _ no need to do at the border?.

- who/where can i contact for more information about these?

Thank in advance

Best regard


Jan 31, 2012
Update on Visa on Arrival at Cambodia/Laos border (Jan 2012)
by: D.

Just want to update you on the visa-on-arrival at the Cambodia-Laos border check point.

Thanks to Tara for sharing her experience. You can read it here (Scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Hope this ease the confusions that float around web.

D. Phothisane

Aug 31, 2011
Very surprised
by: D

Hi Diana,

I was very surprised to hear such confusing information given by the embassy people. Unbelievable!!

After reading your email I made a phone call to consulate here in Vientiane, they confirmed that this border crossing point is an international crossing therefor visa-on-arrival is available.

To further confirm this, I was given a phone number of an official on duty at the border. I called and talked to him about what you have learned from the embassy in Phnom Phen, he said "I can confirmed 1,000%" that the visa-on-arrival is available at the border. He couldn't believe such misleading info was given by the embassy.

So... if you are still not sure here is the phone number of the official at the border, you can call to reconfirm +856 20 2365 2998.

Hope this could help reduce your confusion.


Aug 31, 2011
Appreciate you quick answer
by: Diana

Hi D,
I really appreciate your quick answer. Truly.

However, I have managed to call the Laos embassy in Phnom Phen and they told me that NO, I HAD TO GET A VISA IN THE EMBASSY! That the visa on arrival at the overland border crossing Dong Kralor - Veun Kham IS NOT AVAILABLE.

However, I would not be surprise that they would give me misguided information just so that I would get the visa at the embassy, perhaps for a bribe or something like that.

BUT, I have also come across the Laos National Tourism Administration website:

On this page they state the following:

"If you have already have a visa you may enter Laos from Cambodia at Veun Kham."

So I am seriously still very confused.

I will try to put a up a post in or to get direct information from travellers to know how they did the border crossing, whether they were able to get a visa-on-arrival on that border or not.

I shall write back to you with any accurate information I have, and how I managed to do things myself.

I will also ask around a few travel agencies here in Sihanoukvile who said they could do some phone calls to know a bit more about it.

Again, thank you so much for your quick reply.


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