Volunteer in Laos, what type of visa do I need?

by Steve


I want to volunteer in Laos. What visa requirements do I require?

D.Phothisane's reply

Hi Steve,

Thanks for visiting my site and dropping a good question.

Here goes the answer to your question:

The type of visa you need depends on how you'd like to volunteer (there are many options), here are 2 options that I know for sure.

Option 1: Volunteer in Laos through United National Volunteer (UNV) www.unv.org

If/when you're accepted as an UNV, the local support staff will take care of your visa as well as your dependents', if any. Usually they will get you a Courtesy Visa (B1). This is a type of work visa that allows you to stay for 6 months or longer. More info on (B1) Visa www.laos-guide-999.com/laos-visa.html

In my opinion this volunteer option is the best if you want to volunteer in Lao because you're entitled to living allowance, housing, air ticket plus other welfare. However, it can be difficult to get into the programme and application process takes quite a long time too.

Option 2: Volunteer through other organisations such as Travel-to-teach, and OpenMind Prject.

If you chose to volunteer through these organizations, you'll have to take care of your own visa. And the visa type they advised volunteers to get is a visa-on-arrival (tourist visa). It's very easy though to get a visa on arrival ($30-$40), view this page for procedures www.laos-guide-999.com/visa-on-arrival.html.

You're also required to pay a fee to get into volunteering. For detailed information on volunteer in Laos through these organizations please visit their website www.travel-to-teach.org, www.openmindprojects.org.

I plan to cover Volunteer in Laos in greater details, please come back to visit in the near future.

I hope that all this information is a help to you and I thank you for your interest in volunteering in Laos. I’m sure your effort to contribute to the development of Laos will be much appreciated.


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Oct 04, 2015
Nice to hear
by: Duangpy

Thanks for your nice words, they mean a lot to me. Hearing that my work helps others in some ways gives me motivation.


Sep 29, 2015
Volunteer in Laos,
by: Anonymous

We're a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

Nov 28, 2013
volunteer in Laos visa
by: christine

Hi just returned from luangprabang,have been there 3 months, from time to time volunteered at a not for profit English school. Immigration turned up, said I needed a volunteer visa but they were unable to provide form, just wanted me to pay "fine" (read bribe) did not pay, passport confiscated, aftef 2 hour "chat" I finally retrieved pp, would not return it. Aust representative at Embassy not very helpful although it was clearly harrassment. Know other people planning on volunteering in Laos. ?? Does anyone know where elusive volunteer visa is?

Nov 21, 2013
Changes to volunteer visas
by: Janet Ryan

Do you know of any recent changes to casual volunteers wishing to offer their services to non profit organisations in Laos?

May 10, 2011
by: D.Phothisane

It's my pleasure. I'm delighted that the information I provided is helpful for you. Hope it is for others too.


May 10, 2011
by: Steve

Thank you very much for this info, very helpful :)

Thanks again for this!


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